Desert Force “Al Academiya” Finale – Best Fights Predictions

As the Desert Force Al Academiya Finale countdown clock ticks, I am getting increasingly more excited about three fights in particular.


As the Desert Force Al Academiya Finale countdown clock ticks, I am getting increasingly more excited about three fights in particular.

What: Desert Force Al Academiya Finale

Where: AL Hussain Sports Center, Amman, Jordan

When: Monday 27th of January live on MBC action

Thabet Agha vs Mohammed Fakhreddine

Both fighters have exceptional striking skills. Fakhreddine, training out of Tiger Muay Thai, has won his two fights by KO or TKO. Thabet Agha, a Combat Sambo fighter, shocked the Arab MMA world when he knocked out Hesham Hiba, a Boxer, with the first punch he threw in the fight. Agha’s move to Middleweight might come as a surprise to some but his heavy hands will be a force to be reckoned with. This is definitely be a brawl of a fight but I do think Agha has the advantage. His wrestling and submission game are second to none in the division. I’d also go so far as saying he’s the smartest Arab MMA fighter in terms of lurking opponents in to play his game.

Prediction: Second round submission by Thabet Agha

Amr Wahman vs Victor Monfort

Victor Monfront beat Georges Eid in his Desert Force debut. He’s a well-rounded striker who trains at Team Nogueira. Surely his submission and ground game are exceptional but haven’t been tested yet and I don’t think Wahman is the man to challenge him. With a 5-4 record, Amr Wahman is definitely more experienced than Monfort. He has also won a few by way of KO. That being said, 2 of Wahmans 4 losses have come by way of KO. Against an aggressive striker like Monfort, Wahman could very well get knocked out again. Monfort’s chin has not been put to the test yet and I doubt it will be in this fight.

Prediction: First round KO by Victor Monfront

Anas Siraj Mounir vs Mounir Lazzez

Anas Siraj Mounir came barging into the Arab MMA scene in his Desert Force debut where he picked part the local favorite, Ali Ahli and won by TKO. His impressive record solidifies his legacy as one of the most impressive Arab fighters to fight in the region. His ability to out-strike, out-wrestle, and out-grapple his opponents makes him the most entertaining Arab fighter so far. Mounir Lazzez has an aggressive Muay Thai style that overwhelms his opponents. He is definitely someone to watch as he improves. Neither his chin nor his wrestling or ground game have been tested as both of his fights ended quickly by KO. This will be an all out war of a fight and it is difficult to foretell the outcome but due to experience and all around fighting skill.

Prediction: Anas Siraj Mounir by KO in the third round.

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  • Correction to prediction for Anas Siraj Mounir VS Mounir Lazzez: Mounir the Sniper Lazzez by KO in the 3rd round 🙂

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