Desert Force “Al Academiya” Season 2 Will Hit MBC Action Soon

Desert Force “Al Academiya" season 2 will soon hit MBC action with two new fire cracking weight divisions.


Desert Force “Al Academiya” season 2 will soon hit MBC action with two new fire cracking weight divisions. Even though this will be a super exciting show to watch, what I am desperately waiting for is the fight card that will be tailored for the Finale!

Let me start with mentioning that all this information is unofficial yet, but any MMA critic will surely see it as I do. Desert Force was planning to come Beirut yet the event has been postponed for security purposes and insurance issues.

A title fight between Anis al Hajjajy and Mohamed Ghorabi was scheduled for Desert Force 12 this April, however Hajjay couldn’t make it and Desert Force officials dropped another victim in the cage. Ghorabi dismantled Bechir Majri in a grudge match that shocked a lot of people. Now the fight is back on the card and should be headlining the event if Desert Force officials want to please the Lebanese Crowd, or in fact all the MMA fans I the region.

Add a cherry on top of that a title fight between Julaidan and Al Selwady that was set to take place at Desert Force Bahrain and should be on this summer. Al Selwady is eager to defend his title against a worthy opponent no doubt!

Mhamad Karaki! Seems like something is cooking for the champ. Little is known about what Desert Force officials have in mind for the light heavyweight champ, but a recent post on Team shogun’s Facebook page stated that the champ is getting ready for a middleweight non title fight.

Seems like no one is stepping up to face Karaki, and the champ is super eager to fight. A lot of time has passed since he earned this title in the Desert Force – Grand Prix Finals last June . What’s that about!

This won’t be the first time someone mentions that: “This Event looks to be the best so far”, but seriously guys, if all the above comes to ground, add to that a bantam weight “Al Academiya” title and a featherweight title, I would buy those tickets for double the price! Or is that just me!?

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