Desert Force Al Academiya Season 3 Airs Tonight on MBC Action


Desert Force Al Academiya Season #3 is set to start airing tonight, Monday August 31st 10pm KSA on MBC Action for another season full of testosterone driven Arab Reality TV that leads to fights, trouble and a lot of fun in a place you won’t possibly imagine: Saudi Arabia!

After the first two seasons being filmed in Jordan, Desert Force relocated for the third season and went to Saudi Arabia where it introduced MMA just this past December! The Desert Force gang found refuge in the King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) a brand new city being built between Jeddah & Medina.

KAEC is the future city of KAEC which has more lax laws and is planned from A-Z by its world renown contractor EMAAR which built the famed new Dubai Downtown. It is an $86 billion project projected to be bigger than Washington DC!

In KAEC the contestants enjoyed an envious coastal living atmosphere on the shores of the Red Sea with a huge Villa to themselves and all the amenities they could require from Hotel Access, Beach Access, Outdoor exercise, Swimming Pool and all the nutrition they could need.

The coaches for this season are the current 84kgs Desert Force Champion Ibrahim El Sawi from Egypt and current 93kgs Desert Force Champion Mohammad Karaki from Lebanon.

El Sawi will be the coach for the Red Team and Karaki the coach for the Blue Team. They will be able to pick their teams among 16 pre-selected athletes that will weight 84kgs (8 athletes) and 77kgs (8 athletes) – each team will be comprised of 8 athletes, 4 from each weight. Contestants and coaches will live, eat and train together.

At the end of the series the two coaches will fight each other for the 84kgs Desert Force professional title during the Finale Event to take place in Cairo, Egypt – an event which is expected to break live audience records!

Within Al Academiya Season #3, contestants will train in a state-of-the-art training center which will serve as the Academiya Training location during the Series. Arena MMA & Fitness Center is the largest MMA training facility in the world that surely provides all that a potential professional fighter may need to cater for his MMA training needs and uplift his level and become a Professional Desert Force fighter.

The sixteen contestants this year come from all around the Arab World with nine different nationalities.

Stay tuned on for all on Desert Force Al Academiya Season 3!

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