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Desert Force & Anas Siraj Mounir Resonate Through The Middle East!

Desert Force Reigns the Middle East & Ali Ahli's loss against Anas Siraj came as no surprise.

Samer Haddad Photography: In this picture, Desert Force Manager Mohamed Mirza.

Before Desert Force’s arrival in the UAE, questions were asked if their “Against The World” promotion put them “on the Verge of Dominating the MENA Region.” Last Thursday in Dubai, they answered that question emphatically with their first event outside of Jordan.

As bragging rights go, Dubai Fighting Championship must have felt a twinge of reluctant praise. Here was an MMA promotion, seemingly unstoppable in its relentless pursuit to become the top dog in the region, showing everyone how it was done… in Dubai!

And then there is ADFC, long lost in the memory of former glory and promise but never quite fully living up to its potential. The last remaining icon of their dismantled Legacy was torn apart last Thursday, as swiftly as their organizations longevity in the MMA business.

Ali Ahli’s loss to Anas Siraj Mounir comes as no surprise. Mounir was on an impressive streak; 10 wins and 0 losses in his amateur and professional career since 2011. In that same time Ahli has had two fights, the last one being almost two years ago.

Anas siraj Mounir

Mounir’s swift dismantling and TKO of the inexperienced and underprepared Ahil allowed him to add another notch on his belt.

Questions must be asked as to why Ahli’s management allowed their fighter, once golden boy of the now partially extinct ADFC, to take on such a challenger with only three weeks notice?

Surely it must have been clear to whoever accepted that Ahli was being fed as another stepping-stone in Mounir’s so far flawless career.

Speculation is high behind the scenes that suggest Ahli himself wanted this fight, frustrated with the lack of progress made by his management. With it being almost two years without a professional fight it would seem obvious why he’d want to take this opportunity.

Moving forward, Ahli has some big decisions ahead of him; continue to be mistreated and mismanaged or move on and allowed to grow and prosper with another organization that is still relevant in today’s ever-growing MMA scene.

Desert Force made a statement of intent with a fantastic event last week. It was loud, it was entertaining and it was exciting. Most importantly it was a cry out to the region that although they may be “against the world”, they fully intended on taking the world over just as they have taken the Arabian Peninsula.

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