Desert Force Bahrain on MBC Action Results and LIVE fight coverage on March 7

Desert Force Bahrain will feature 8 fights on the line, including a featherweight headliner between Abdul Kareem Al Selwady and Hussein Salem.


Desert Force is back TONIGHT (Friday, March 07, 2014) for Desert Force Bahrain at Khalifa Sports City Arena, Isa Town – Bahrain. Get your results, live updates and real-time coverage right here of what promises to be the largest event in Desert Force History.

Desert Force Bahrain will feature 8 fights on the line, including a featherweight headliner between Abdul Kareem Al Selwady and Hussein Salem. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the fights this evening (Friday, March 07, 2014) which are scheduled to begin at 6:00 p.m. GMT

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1.     Mohammad Yahya vs Hamzah Nafush: Mohammad Yahya, Round 2, TKO

2.     Ahmed Beyouk vs Hussein Ayyad: Ahmed Beyouk, Round 1, TKO

3.     Mohammad Trigui vs Ahmed Al Bussairy, Mohammad Trigui, Round 1, Armbar

4.     Gabriel Tayeh vs Mostafa Marhoon, Gabriel Tayeh , Round 1, RNC

5.     Mark Tanios vs Mohammad Abdulkareem, Mark Tanios, Unanimous Decision


Main Card:

1.     Abdulmalek Mardhi vs Hamza Kooheji, Hamza Kooheji, Unanimous Decision

2.     Mohammad Elmgharbel vs Abdulahad Abdulmajeed, Abdulahad Abdulmajeed, Round 1,Triangle Choke

3.     Mounir Lazzez vs Amr Wahmann, Mounir Lazzez, KO, Round 1

4.     Hussein Salim vs Abdulkareem Al Selwady, Abdukareem al Selwady, RNC, Round 2



Hussein Salim vs Abdulkareem Al Selwady

Round 1: Here comes Hussein. He jumped in on short notice, will be interesting to see how this goes.

Off we go. Title fight on the line!

They trade vicious strikes. Leg kick by Hussein lands, Selwady throws a big right. Hussein catches a kick and puts Selwady on the ground. They clinch and Selwady picks him and absolutely smashes him to the ground! He does end up in a choke hold though for his efforts. Selwady working his way to side mount, he is almost there. Half way to full mount, but he can’t release his head. And he’s out! Selwady in full mount and this could get dangerous for Hussein. Elbows form the top and as Hussein tries to get up Selwady locks in a body triangle. Hussein is out and is bleeding from his head. Knees from the clinch by Hussein. Selwadv pushes Hussein against the cage and manages to get him down on the ground and is in full mount by the cage. Selwady attempting to posture up to deliver blows but Hussein does a good job of limiting them, but not totally stopping them. Nice left and right hooks from Selwady.
Hussein has Selwady in a tight head lock and will want to hold on to this as long as he can to stop Selwady from posturing up and delivering blows. Selwady breaks the hold. Short elbows from the top from Selwady. He works an armbar but it doesn’t quite sink in! They both stand and trade. 10 seconds to go.

Round 1 over. I give that one to Selwady, 10-9. Mind you though, Hussein is looking very, very dangerous standing.

Round 2 : Biiig right connects from Selwadyy. They trade punches and Selwady goes for the take down and succeeds. Hussein working his way back up but Selwady scrambles and takes his back. He throws a vicious right/left combo. Hussein throws a spinning elbow that Selwady doesn’t see coming. He connects with a big knee as takedown. Selwady is against the cage and cannot see to escape. Thus could be over soon. Hussein is caught in a choke hold as he tries to get up and taps!!!!!! That’s it! Selwady is the winner by Submission!


Mounir Lazzez vs Amr Wahmann

Next up we have two amazing strikers in Mounir Lazzez and Amr Wahmann! Both of these guys came through tough fights to get to where they are. Mounir beat the illustrious Anas Siraj Mounir in what was a KO of the Year contender whilst Wahmann upset the odds by submitting the Spanish striking virtuoso Victor Monfort! Who do you guys have in this one?!

Round 1: Here comes Mounir! He huddles with his team quickl before making his way down to the cage. He is cornered by Mehdi Hammouda, another MMA fighter and Wissam Abi Nader from TriStar Lebanon.

Aaaaaand in the red corner we have Amr Wahmann! His best weapon is arguably the worlds worst kept secret… A right hand that could sever heads and take down trees.

Yves Lavigne in for this one!

They both look ready to go. The cage is locked, aaaand were off. They touch gloves. Good left jab by Mounir connects, strong right body shot connects. Amr throws a left head kick that just misses its target. They both trade leg kicks. Another leg kick by Amr finds its target. Mounir seems to be making the most of his height advantage here. Vicious low kick by Mounir lands.

Amr lands a big right! He throws another left jab and follows it up with a right. Mounir knees Amr and Amr slips. They stand back up. Mounir lands a spinning back elbow and follows it up with a left head kick! Mounirs movement is tremendous. They both trade combos and Mounir throws a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge right head kick that connects and severs Amr from his senses.

What’s next for mounir guys? Honestly… He does fight in a crazy division but he has knocked out two of the most dangerous fighters in Desert Force. Who would you like to see him face next? Aniss hajjajy? Ghorabi? Azzedine? Thabet? Medjedoub? 


Mohammad Elmgharbel vs Abdulahad Abdulmajeed

Boy. This card has been siiiiiiiiiick!

We’ve got another Saudi fighter coming up next. Abdulahad Abdulmajeed will face the Lebanese striker Mgharbel! Both of these guys are stand-up fighters so expect sparks to fly

Here comes the Lebanese fighter! Based out of Tripoli, Lebanon, Mgharbel has been wanting to get back into the Desert Force cage to prove his merit. And here comes his opponent Abdulahad Abdulmajeed (to the tune of “Eye of the Tiger” I might add, I think I might start a side business as a “walk-in song consultant”).

Abdulahad looks quite focused and ready to get down to business. Yazan Ghattas gets us ready for round 1!

Round 1: And were off. A strong right cross connects by Mgharbel, they clinch and scramble and end up on the ground with Mgharbel on top. He has the Saudi fighter against the cage. An armbar attempt by Abdulahad doesn’t quite work, he patiently waits though for Mgharbel to overcommit and give him a chance to submit.

They’re both up! Low kick by Abdulahad. Anther one. Takedown attempt by Abdulahad and he ends up in a standing guillotine choke! Abdulahad is not in a very enviable position right now, but lets see what kind of cardio Mgharbel has. Abdulahad ends up on the ground and takes Mgharbel’s back! He is working on a choke of his own . Abdulahad scrambles and ends up in Mgharbels full guard. They scramble and Abdulahad attempts an armbar from the bottom! Good strikes from the bottom by Abdulahad! He sinks in a triangle and rolls Mgharbel on his back! Mgharbel submits!!! He submits!!! Abdulahad showed tremendous determination there! Wow!!!!


AbdulMalek Mardhi VS Hamza Kooheji

Aaaand were live! You can spots the ArabsMMA crew sitting ringside. I am wearing a blue t-shirt and Zahi is wearing a striped black and grey t-shirt… That is if you can see the t-shirt over his now super long beard!

Next up is hometown favourite Hamza Kooheji! Hamzah has a 1-0 pro MMA record and is making his debut in Desert Force. Training out of the Hawks MMA Academy under the tutelage of Mohammed Shahid, he will be looking to come out and give the crowd something big to cheer about!

His opponent is the dangerous Abdulmalek Murdhi. Murdhi won his most recent fight against Sultan Ali Owais in impressive fashion and looked to have upped his game tremendously! This one should be an interesting one!

Out first comes Murdhi! Do I need to tell you what kind of reception he gets? No really do I? Lets just say…. Its not very welcoming. He looks calm and collected as ever though. This man has the bizarre record of always facing the home town favourite in his three fights so far in Desert Force. He gets in the cage and awaits his opponent.

Kooheji comes out to roaring applause! Holy crap, this is getting loud. He has the entire crowd behind him for this one!!! “Kooheji, Kooheji, Kooheji, Kooheji, Kooheji” they roaaaar!

Round 1: Yves Lavigne gets us underway. Round 1, here we go!

Kooheji goes for the single leg, but Abdulmalek does a good job stuffing it. Abdulmalek puts Kooheji on the ground and gets his back. He is working on his position and is trying to sink in a choke. Kooehji doing a good job of stopping his so far. Abdulmalek still on his back though and he goes for another choke move that is very close to sinking in! Kooheji just survives!

Abdulmalek still on top though and is delivering strong strikes to the head of Kooheji! Kooheji just cant seam to get the Saudi fighter off him at the moment. Kooehji works his way back up!!!!! They are both standing. Kooheji rushes in with a jab. Yves Lavigne calls time as a result of a low kick by Kooheji. Abdulmalek doing his best to shake it off. And were off again.

Low kick by Kooheji is answered by a left jab from Murdhi. Kooheji runs after Murdhi and looks to throw some damaging strikes. Abdulmalek lands two vicious leg kicks. Kooheji goes in but Abdulmalek manages to take him down is working on executing a guillotine choke. Koheji doing an awesome job of staying it, heck he even manages to get out of it and is in Abdulmalek’s half guard, now full guard. Abdulmalek has got the hooks in though and is doing a good of preventing Hamza from delivering damaging strikes.

Round 1 is over! That one goes to Murdhi 10-9 in my books

Round 2: Round 2 gets started. Low kick by Murdhi. They trade low kicks. Hamza rushes in and takes down Murdhi and is in his full guard up against the cage. Murdhi attempted to work on an armbar off the cage there but couldn’t quite pull it off. Although Hamza is on top, Murdhi is delivering the damaging strikes from the bottom. Murdhi is working on another arm bar there but Hamzah escapes into side mount. They scramble and Hamza ends up in full guard.

A strong left punch by Hamzah lands. Murdhi looking very dangerous here off his back. This must be tiring for both fighters!

Hamzah lands a single leg and takes Murdhi down but ends up in a choke attempt! This one looks tight! And they are both up! A low leg kick by Hamza makes Murdhi wince, another left high kick lands. They trade punches. Hamzah with another takedown attempt and he gets it. He lands in Murdhis guard.

Much better round form Hamzah, but I have to give this one to Murdhi 10-9

Round 3: Hamzah takes the center of the octagon. Low kick landed by both fighters. A nice left jab lands by Kooheji after he fakes a takedown. Hamzah goes for the takedown and gets it. Abdulmalek lands on top of him though and reverses position and takes Hamzahs back. Hamzah doesn’t have much time here to waste. He needs to get this one standing again as fast as he can. Both fighters are up! A big leg kick lands by Kooheji. He seems to be having more success with these.

Big superman punch by Murdhi lands, Murdhi throws a kick and Kooheji catches it and gets the takedown. Both fighters now up against the cage. Another takedown form Hamzahand he is in Murdhi’s half-guard. He seems to be trying to switch to side mount, but then attempts to go for the full mount. He’s got the full mount now with Murdhi up against the cage. With one minute remaining, what can Kooheji do here. Murdhi sweeps and has Hamzah on his back, but he ends up again in full mount. Murdhi using burpees to throw Hamzah off his game. Murdhi reverses and he stands over Hamzah.

I gotta give this round to Hamzah 10-9. Lets see what the referees say. It really all boils down to the second round. Some saw that as a draw, a win for Abulmalek or a win for Kooheji. Lets see, judges decision coming soon!

Kooheji takes it!!!!! Win by referees decision!!! As Kooheji makes his way back stage, the crowd ruuuush to great him! This I have never seen in any Desert Force event! Wooooooow


Mark Tanios vs Mohammad Abdulkareem

Up next we have a fight that will interest everyone in Lebanon and everyone in Egypt! Heck, you know what, it will probably interest everyone who likes to watch two huge guys go at it and kick the crap out of one another! Its heavyweight vs heavyweight. Its Mohammad Abdulkareem (Ze Hulk) from the Egyptian Top Team vs Mark Tanios from TriStar Gym in Lebanon!

Marc Tanios comes out first cornered by his Team TriStar team mates and father. This is one big boy! And guess what, out comes another big boy! Out comes Ze Hulk! Not the green one, but he isn’t too far off in size!

Marc makes his Desert Force debut tonight and is a solid Sanda striker who has previously fought in other organizations in the Middle East. He has also completed a training camp not too long ago at the infamous TriStar gym in Montreal where he was tutored by none other than UFC fighter Francis Carmont.

Ze Hulk makes his return to Desert Force after a period of absence and will look to make a point tonight – he wants a title fight and wants it soon! A little interesting anecdote, the Hulk is actually taller than the top of the cage!

Round 1: Yazzan Ghattas the referee in this. And were off.

No touch of gloves interestingly. Marc throws a low kick that Hulk cannot capitalize on. Mark throws a combination that knocks Hulk against the cage. Hulk storms in and tries to close the distance but Marc breaks out of it.

Both fighters circling each other careful not to overcommit . Any punch here can be decisive. Marc puts Hulk against the cage and throws strikes. Hulk goes in and takes down Marc. Tanios reverses and has Hulk up against the cage and throws a couple of strikes before backing off.

Hulk pushes Marc against the cage but Marc takes him down by the cage and is looking to work get in full mount. Marc now in Hulks guard and is throwing strikes from above. Hulks eye is bloodied. Marc is picking his strikes surgically! Marc stands back up and lets the Hulk up. Not sure whether that was the best idea but I am sure Marc knows what he is doing.

Marc ducks a strike and takes down Hulk. Hulk is laying on his back and Marc uses the opportunity to throws leg strikes to the grounded Hulk.

Round 1 is over. That has to go to Marc 10-9.

Who would have thought! Of all the fights tonight, the heavyweights decide to go to the second round!

Round 2: Round 2! Here we go!

Marc ducks a heavy right from Hulk and goes low to the body. Hulk goes for a takedown but Marc stuffs it! The hulk eats a punch for his efforts.

Hulk attempts another takedown and its stuffed again!

Third time lucky! Hulk goes for the takedown and gets it! But Marc ends up on top, taking Hulks back and delivers strikes to the head of the Egyptian. A low kick by Marc goes unanswered by Hulk. Another inside low kick lands by Marc. Another one lands. The Hulk looks a bit tired at this point, but one punch can change everything here!!!!

Marc lands another low kick. They engage and trade strikes. A stiff left lads by Marc. Another left lands by mark, and a third one lands. Hulk has got to turn up the heat a little bit here, he is getting picked apart here.

Round ends and that one has to go to Marc as well 10-9!

Round 3: Round 3 gets underway! Hulk has to come out and finish this one to stand a chance of winning.

Left jab by Marc lands to start the round. The Hulk is taking a more aggressive approach here. Marc slips on a bit of sweat and Hulk goes in for the takedown! Marc reverses and is standing on top of the grounded Hulk now kicking away at his legs. Yazzan stands them up.

They circle the cage, Marc the more active fighter but the Hulk is stalking him here. A high kick by Marc lands and the Hulk claims to be hit in the eye by a finger from the follow up punch. Nothing gives though and they are back in the center of the cage. Hulk has less than two minutes to figure something out here.

A strong left hook by Marc lands. He blocks an attempted left cross by Hulk with his hands. Hulk takes a look at the clock, he knows he is losing this one. Big kick by Marc to the right thigh of Hulk.

Hulk attempts a wild overhand right but misses his target. 10 seconds to go! Left head kick by Marc lands and this one goes to the judges!

That’s another 10-9 to Marc! Hulk just didn’t have an answer for Marc tonight

At this point I have to point out that we are going live in ten minutes! The four main events are going to be live on MBC action in ten minutes!


Gabriel Tayeh vs Mostafa Marhoon

Next up we have Gabriel Tayeh vs Mostafa Marhoon! I know lots of us will be looking forward to seeing Gabriel back in the cage! This would be his fifth fight with Desert Force. He came up short in his last fight against the always lethal Amr Wahmann when he decided to ditch his strength (Jiu Jitsu) and make it a stand-up fight. This time around he makes his debut at 70kg, lets see how he copes with that weight cut.

His opponent stepped in on very short notice. How short? Try one day. Yup. Mohammad Arti had to pull out of the fight on short notice and Mostafa volunteered to put himself into contention. Mostafa is a kyokushin karateka.

Gabriel comes out first looking skinny (you knew I would say that) but up for a fight as always!

Mostafa, as you would guess, comes out to rapturous applause! I must say the Bahrain crowd have been fantastic and absolutely rocking this place!

Round 1: Yazzan Ghattas gets us underway!

Out they come. Mostafa throws two vicious looking low kicks. Gabriel uses the second one to take him down to the ground. He works his way to get Mostafa’s back! He sinks it in and out goes Mostafa!!! What!? He didn’t even have time to tap but Gabriel sunk it in and squeezed! In comes the doc and Mostafa slowly is waking up and coming to. Gabriel looks on concerned and gives Mostafa a big hug afterwards. That’s true fighter spirit.


Mohamad Trigui Vs Ahmed Al Boussairy

Next up we have Ahmed Al Bussairy vs Mohamed Trigui in what could be striking bonanza! Trigui is a kickboxing and muay thai expert who recently was part of the Al Academia season 1 where he impressed lots of folks with his tendency to kicks and punches. Boussairy could be on course to another title fight with an impressive win (or he could be one more match away). He most recently fought on the Dubai card where he beat Ramadan Nouman by way of decision.

Trigui comes out first. He is cornered by the Abdelhamid brothers form Egyptian Top Team and Raad Jameel Abbas who is the coach of tonights headline fighter – Hussein Salim.

Aaaaaand here comes Boussairy, as always with the patriotic Kuwaiti song playing in the background. I gotta say, if Desert Force had a “Gentlemen of the Night” award it would always, without fail be awarded to Boussairy.

Yazzan Ghattas the referee for this one.

Round 1: And were off!

Both fighters light on the feet. Boussairy tries a nice push kick but Trigui does well to get away. Bousaairy attempts another high kick but Trigui catches it.

They get into the clinch and Trigui has Boussairy against the cage. He delivers short knees to the thigh which might not be lethal, but will eventually wear down a fighter. They turn around and now its Boussairy’s turn to put Trigui against the cage. Trigui flips positions and they break!

Boussairy attempts a spinning backfist but Trigui catches it. Right jab left low kick combo by Trigui. They exchange smiles and Boussairy has Trigui up against the cage again. He looks to pick him up but instead manages to drop him on the gorund. Trigui on top now and delivering strikes form above! Trigui switches and is in Boussairy’s full guard. Trigui attempts to stand up but Boussairy rewards him with a upkick that lands! Trigui changes his mind and decides he better not attempt that again! Short punches from Trigui to the head of Boussairy, Trigui switches to side control and is delivering some hammer blows!!!!! Boussairy holding on!

Boussairy sweeps him and ends up in Trigui’s guard, he sweeps and catches Boussairy in an armbar!!!! Boussairy submits!!!! Who saw that one coming!!!!


Ahmed Beyouk vs Hussein Ayyad

Round 1: Fight two here we go!

Out comes the 2nd of three Jordanians on tonights fight card – Ahmed Beyouk! Beyouk vs Hussein Ayad will be the first 61KG bout in Desert Force’s history and pits the combat sambo expert Beyouk against Hussein Ayad who trains right here in Bahrain and represents Reza Monafredi’s Alliance Jiu Jitsu team!

Hussein as you can imagine comes out to a ROOOOOOOOOOOAR from the crowd!!!!

Both fighters make their Desert Force debut tonight. A little anecdote, yesterday at the weigh-ins Beyouk was a tad over 300 grams too heavy and was asked by Hussein’s corner to cut the weight which led to one very unhappy Beyouk! Who knows, maybe he can take his revenge again tonight

And were off!

Beyouk runs in and is caught by a nasty looking left hook! Hussein throws a few more but Beyouk keeps storming forward! He takes Hussein against the cage and puts him down! Hussein works his way back up but Beyouk carries him across the cage to his corner and slaaaaaams him down!!!!

Hussein does well to get back up and they are back in the center of the cage. Beyouk throws a spinning backfist that catches Hussein on the side of the temple and knocks him down!!!!! Three more punches and that’s it! TKO!!!

Guys, this fight card has been fucking epic so far!!!!!! Two sick fights, two sick finishes!


Mohammad Yahya vs Hamzah Nafush

Here comes the first fighter to get us underway! Emirati debutant Mohammad Yahya who walks out to an Eminem track! Yahya has previously fought in other promotions and comes in with a 2-0 record. He hasn’t fought in over a year however so ring rust might be an issue. Although I can tell you having spoken with him earlier, this guy is raring to go!

He gets checked, and is in the cage!!!!

Next up is Hamzah Nafush who made his successful Desert Force debut in October in the Dubai card against the Egyptian Wrestler Ahmed Amir. Nafush looked good in that fight and will look to build on that performance and get a streak going. He has had to contend with a late change in opponent since Mohammad Yahya stepped in on short notice in place of Abdelali Mouira

Here we go:

Round 1: Yves Lavigne gives the fighters his last instructions. And were off to go! Yahya throws a kick that Hamzah catches and uses to take him to the ground. Yahya managing to keep HAmzah close and uses a kimura to throw Hamzah off. Who would have though that we would see this happening! Yahya manages t end up on top and delivers some ground and pound!

But whats this! Yahya gets caught in an arm bar that very tight! Yahya holding on and waves of the tap. Hamzah leaning back and catching his breath, Yahya appears to be content to use this position to get some rest

Hamzah lets go of the arm bar attempt and they both jostle for position both appearing to be going for foot locks. Hamzah sweeps and ends up in side mount, then in north/south position but Yahya sweeps and attempts to lock in an arm triangle

Hamzah sweeps again! And has Yahya in guillotine choke attempt, but Yahya does well t keep himself in the fight.

Yves giving instructions for both fighters to work and either better their position or he will stand them up. Yahya breaks free and catches hamzah with a nasty looking knee on the way up and they stand!

A nasty looking kick lands to the body by Yahya but Hamzah throws an overhand that catches Yahya and ends up in his full guard. He pushes him up against the cage and is looking to deliver some ground and pound before the round ends

Round 1 was a waaaaaaar! Yahya bloodied but both fighters did well there. I would have to give that one 10-9 to Hamzah with the strong finish.

Round 2: Round 2 gets underway.

Yahya opening with a kick that Hamzah catches again and uses to take him down. They both jostle for position and Hamzah goes and a kimura but Yahya manages to turn it around and end up in side mount and deliver elbows. One lands, a second one lands! Yahya in Hamzahs full guard.

Yahya gets up and is content to stand and wait for Hamzah to get up. Yves tsands up Hamzah. They jostle and Hamzah takes Yahya down again and takes him against the cage. Hamzah on top and throwing strikes that land but Yahya seems to be absorbing them quite well

Hamzah postures up to land strikes but gets caught by Yahya with an upwards punch.

Yves stands them up

Hamzah throws a vicious overhand that just misses its target, he moves forward with another left hook. Yahya storms in and throws a burtal knee to the body and Hamzah is dooooown! Yahya throws a few more strikes and that’s it!!!! Its over!!!! Yahya the winner by TKO!


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