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Desert Force Welterweight Champ Talks “Al Academiya Finale”


Boston Top Team’s own 2013 Desert Force Welterweight champion Anis Al Hajjajy shares his predictions for the Desert Force “Al Academiya Finale”…

Mohammad Fakhreddine vs Thabet Agha

This fight would have been a lot more exciting if there was a Title involved, but now both of these guys will be fighting with nothing really on the line except a win or a loss. At the same time, this is an opportunity for one of them to turn it around. Based off of their fighting styles, this could be a fight with a lot of punches thrown while standing up. If that’s the case, there actually could be some big blows and plenty of action. Thabet Agha will be looking to earn a decision win, Fakhreddine would want to end this by KO/TKO

Mohammd Ghorabi Vs Ezzeldine Belharj

These fighters will be going head-to-head on Monday night. I’m not sure how the rest of you are feeling, but I wouldn’t be so quick to write off Mohammed chances. His style is always going to be flawed against superior strikers or good grapplers with strong takedowns. and Azzedine has a good stand-up game with a Brazilian jiu-jitsu background. This fight is going to be a WAR. Alot of action for sure.

Elie el Rayess Vs Tareq Hamdi

This is likely to be a fun scrap because both lightweights are fearless strikers in the pocket. Both have sizable power, but of the two, I’d say Elie is the cleaner technician. Tariq might be quicker and maybe that’s enough, but I’m leaning towards the idea he’s going to over extend himself to the point when Elie is able to take advantage.

Anas Siraj mounir Vs Mounir Lazzez

This is a non-title bout, but it wouldn’t matter. It is extremely important. Anas Siraj Mounir is a sensational athlete, a very proficient striker, a talented grappler and packs a serious punch. He’s technically cleaner on the feet than Mounir. Mounir is a brawler and has a ton of potential.

Mohammad Fakhreddine Vs Thabet Agha
Pick: Mohammad Fakhreddine

Mohammd Ghorabi Vs Ezzeldine Belharj
Pick: Ezzeldine Belharj

Elie el Rayess Vs Tareq Hamdi
Pick: Elie el Rayess

Anas Siraj mounir Vs Mounir Lazzez
Pick: Anas Siraj mounir

Ali Alnaemi Vs Mohammad Sebaie
Pick: Ali Alnaemi

Rafat Shaweh Vs Ibrahim el Sawi
Pick: Ibrahim el Sawi

Victor Monfort Fernandez Vs Amr Wahmann
Pick: Amr Wahman

Silvester Saba Vs Mahmoud Saeed
Pick: Silvester Saba

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