Desert Force 13 Co Main Event “Shadows of Doubt”


Sadly, the highly anticipated Desert Force co-main event looks on the edge of being cancelled. This card doubtlessly has all the qualifications to be the best Desert Force card yet, with excellent all around match ups. However, recent news is that Mounir “The Sniper” Lazzez, who already has two fights under his belt in Desert Force, ending in the most devastating, yet entertaining of fashion, has been injured and reported unable to fight against “The Latest” Mohamad Fakhreddine.

It was to be one of the most promising fights on the card with Fakhreddine making his welterweight debut against someone as established as Lazzez in the 77 KG division. Still, the fight can arguably be saved!

Yes, it’s insane for anyone to step inside the cage with the likes of Fakhreddine on such short notice, but, maybe there is someone out there who will answer the call. Fakhreddine’s last fight against Thabet Agha was a very good one, until Agha unfortunately suffered from a sudden knee injury many argue was a direct cause of a well landed low kick by Fakhreddine. Agha was looking good against Fakhreddine and it seemed to be an even fight. So, you have to consider a rematch if Agha is up and ready for it. This would be an interesting rematch, the first in Desert Force history and at two different weight classes.

There are several options to consider in the welterweight division, but this is a big fight with the winner possibly being next in line for a title shot. To be honest, few are the picks that come to mind when it comes to standing toe to toe with Fakhreddine. But, could the answer be Lebanon vs Lebanon ?
Georges “Buldozer” Eid, who fights out of Tristar Gym Lebanon is bouncing off an impressive win against Lawin Khalil Mustafa. Eid’s heart is unquestionable as we’ve seen on Al Batal reality show, where he made it all the way to the final while suffering from multiple injuries, including an eye injury, yet, fighting his way into our hearts and memories. Also, Eid is a skilled, strong and entertaining fighter. He is surely the only name, bouncing off a win in the welterweight division, big enough to face the likes of Fakhreddine and madly brave enough to do it on such short notice.

Whoever it is, it’s worthy to see Fakhreddine in action in the 77 KG division. We can only hope it’s against someone tough enough to test him and carry on with the intensity of the fight card to come on August 25. Stay tuned for more news.

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  • why any body who has to fight Mohammed Fakhr el deen is getting injured? Hashem Arkhagha, Thabet Agha, and now Monier Lazzez

    Rooooo7 ya fakhro ya m5awefhom

  • i think “anas siraj mounir” or “ali ahli” is a very good choice if they are available

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