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Desert Force Finals Predictions, Preview, and Analysis – Abdul Kareem al Selwady VS Yousef al Hamad

Desert Force Grand Prix Finals are at the doors after the Semi-Finals threw up a number of explosive fights and memorable highlights! From Fakhreddine’s vicious KO to the Selwady’s dismantling off his opponent and Al Boussairy’s effective performance.Brace for another mixed martial arts (MMA) storm this June !

In the Featherweight division: Abdul-Kareem al Selwady VS Yousef al Hamad

The featherweight division is a little bit thin on the ground in our part of the world. But the one brawl that we really cant wait to see is Abdulkareem Al Selwady vs. Yousef al Hammad

Thanks to both Abdulkareem and Yousef’s last victories at Desert Force round 3, we now have the prospect of these two facing up to one another. One thing is for sure, two fighters will enter the cage and only one will leave as the newly crowned Desert Force Featherweight champion!

Abdulkareem demonstrated tremendous cardio, patience and striking skills in his victory over Ansari whilst Yousef showed everyone that he is really hard to beat! Give him a limb and he will take it! Abdulkareem managed to evade Ansari takedowns attempts in his last fight and avoided the ground game very well, but Yousef is an all together different beast. Not only is he a Jiu Jitsu black belt, his tremendous height advantage will force Abdulkareem to push the fight and try to close the distance to deliver his strikes. The experience might be with Yousef but it would be foolish to discount Abdulkareem’s determination and drive. Judging by his past training camp, expect him to refine his ground game over the next few months with his coach Hashem Arkhagha and the guys at Team Mirza.

Yousef al hamad is a proven finisher , no doubt about that but his stand up is pretty much a rumor at this point, and in the few instances where he’s had to deal with heavy leather in striking range, he pretty much blows through it and Nobody’s been able to punish him.
The octopus could potentially cement his place as one of the best Featherweights in the Middle East with a win over Selwady.

This fight might go for two rounds , but surely not more.Yousef Al Hamad will go for the submission as soon as he gets hold of Selwady.Using his reach advantage it will be hard for the shorter man to defend those attemps , but will he be able to handle Selwady’s solid punching power and stand up along with the famous shin on thighs recipe ?
Fans are gonna love this Grappler Vs striker old school match up !

Khawarizmi’s Pick: Selwady wins by TKO (leg kicks) R2

Stacey’s Pick : Al hamad wins by Standing Guillotine R1

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  • مبارة راح تكون جدا ممتعة …اتوقع عبدالكريم راح يفوز اذا ابقى القتال على الوضع الوقوف عبدالكريم يتمتع بلياقة جدا عالية وكل ما يلزمه يبقي القتال على وضع الوقوف توقعاتي راح تكون ضربة قاضية في الجولة الثانية …الاخ يوسف جدا خطير في الارضي واكيد راح ياخذ القتال للارض هذه فرصته الوحيدة للفوز ارم بار في اي فرصة راح تتاح له. بالتوفيق لجميع الطرفين

    بو عبدالله من السعودية

  • I wish my friend the best of luck and a victorious match that will please all of us , i pray to allah safety and victory to my friend abdukarim al selwady amen.

    • i would like to thank you all and INSHALLAH i will be up to your expectations and WIN!!!!

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