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Desert Force Finals Predictions, Preview, and Analysis – Ahmad al Bossairy VS Haider Rasheed

Haider Rasheed will now be facing Ahmad Al Bossairy for the Light Weight title in what should prove to be an interesting match up. Rasheed’s latest fight with Mohammad Arti was so close, with Haider earning a controversial decision win.

But what alot of the fans forgot to highlight is that Haider Rasheed is a BJJ brown belt and he almost outgrappled a black belt with a 10 year age difference! Yup, age might not be a scale of measure for some but in BJJ, you learn a new trick everyday … so you do the math!

Ahmad Al Bossairy’s technical style usually includes a shifting of the stance/footwork and an odd tempo of striking output. He is constantly showing his opponents different variations of movement and a wild assortment of strikes that don’t necessarily string together all the time but at times they do quite nicely. His fight against Silverster Saba revealed a new Al Bossairy with top level cardio and an overall exciting set of skills. This might serve him well against Rasheed who barely cuts any weight and has a slightly weaker physique .

But with a BJJ practitioner in the opposite corner, kicking will not go unanswered, and Haider will shoot for a takedown on every occasion. Rasheed is very comfortable in any position on the ground , if the fight went there Ahmad might be in trouble and should manage a way to keep the fight standing.

This fight is all about cage control , if Haider manages to press forward and keep Al Bossairy’s back to the fence ,his chances of taking the fight to the ground will rise.
Any other scenario will keep Haider under the gun with Al Bossairy’s finger on the trigger !
One thing we learned from past experiences , Do not leave it to the Judges ! If you’re fighting a hometown Favorite , either you break his will or you risk losing the shield !

Khawarizmi’s Pick : Al Bossairy wins by KO first round

Stacey’s Pick : Al Bossairy wins by Decision

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