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Desert Force Finals Predictions, Preview, and Analysis – Amr Wahman VS Aniss Al Hajjajy

Desert Force Finals prediction is something really out of my mind. Now here is a match-up that I cannot really imagine its outcome. A tough striker that loves to finish fights VS a World class BJJ artist that’s very hard to finish.

What is Desert Force Finals prediction?

Amr wahman is coming from 2 KO wins, one of which in DesertForce round 3 against Gabriel Tayeh, who is also a BJJ black belt and a physically tough welterweight.
That being said, Gabriel chose to brawl with Wahman and boy did he wish he didn’t.
Gabriel got what every BJJ practitioner in MMA fears, a kick to the face!

Fans hoping for a knockout might be disappointed, as Boston top team’s Al-Hajjajy will use his high-level BJJ and suffocating ground game to stifle the Egyptian assassin and ride out a judges’ decision or a possible submission.
We watched Aniss handle bechir Majri like never before, pinning him and working his BJJ freely to a certain point.

Final words for Desert Force Finals

Wahman is just not on that level, yet! Aniss may get tagged on the way in, but I doubt he’ll even bat an eyelash prior to taking Wahman down once.

Hajjajy should definitely watch for that right hand punch and study his opponent well, but defending his takedowns will be a nightmare for Amr.

Khawarizmi’s Pick : Al-Hajjajy by Decision

Stacey’s Pick : Al-Hajjajy by Decision

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