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Desert Force GP Finals Recap – Ali Naemi vs. Abdulahad Abdulmajeed

A lot of Desert Force fans were looking forward to seeing the Qatari Ali Naemi back in the octagon after his debut against Ali Ahmed.


A lot of Desert Force fans were looking forward to seeing the Qatari Ali Naemi back in the octagon after his debut against Ali Ahmed. Although Naemi has arguably gained more fans since then for his action outside the cage rather than inside, he was greeted with much fan fare (it wasn’t just the fans who were eager to see him back, but also title contender Mohammed Fakhreddine).

His opponent in this match was an as of yet unknown 17 year old Saudi native and muaythai practitioner who bravely promised a KO victory over his opponent. Abdulahad Abdul Majeed didn’t quite deliver on that promise but made one heck of an impression on his debut taking a unanimous decision victory over Naemi.

Both fighters used the first round to feel each other out. Naemi looked to utilize his low kicks and body kicks to cut short Abdulahad who has a significant height advantage over him. Abdulahad relied on his counter striking, unloading whenever Naemi closed the distance.

The 2nd round began with a low kick by Naemi that struck Abudlahad in his nether regions halting the fight for a couple of minutes for Abdulahad to regain his composure. The Saudi repeatedly stuffed Naemi’s takedown attempts and even knocked down him a couple of times with his striking which he would follow up with some ground and pound. Naemi looked out of ideas by the end of the round and was clearly behind on all the judges scorecard.

He came out in the third round looking for the KO throwing heavy bombs and trying to disconnect Abdulahad’s head from his body. Bloodied and weary, Naemi knew this was his opportunity and he had to go for the kill!

Abdulahad though showed tremendous composure for someone so young and quickly regained his composure and knocked down Naemi again and resorted to his counter striking and takedown defense to kill off any chance Naemi might have had to take a unanimous decision victory.

Result: Abdulahad Abdulmajeed, Round 3, Decision


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