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Desert Force GP Finals Recap – Tarek Suleiman vs. Mohammad Sarsar

Sarsar was actually Suleiman’s third opponent on this fight card!


Sarsar was actually Suleiman’s third opponent on this fight card! After his original opponent, Khalid Walid, pulled out for reasons unknown the Desert Force management team quickly conjured up another contender in Mohammad Abu Naim. Abu Naim however became quite ill a week before the fight and couldn’t make the flight from Australia let alone the fight. Sarsar was quickly drafted in!

If Suleiman was concerned that he didn’t have enough time to come up with a game plan or study his opponent beforehand he sure as hell didn’t show it here. Quite the contrary, he imposed his suffocating game plan on Sarsar and completely dominated the fight from the bell till submission. Suleiman had Sarsar in one of the tightest Kimura we have seen at DFC! Credit must go to Sarsar for not submitting!

Tarek seemed to have his way with Sarsars and quickly switched to side-control and then full mount, making it all look very easy. Sarsar tried to throw his legs up to catch Suleiman’s shoulders and roll him but the Syrian’s power and balance was quite a sight to behold. After Suleiman got Sarsar’s back, it quickly became academic and he secured the choke forcing the latter to tap.

In one word, Suleiman’s performance was “Outstanding”

Result: Tarek Suleiman, Round 1, Rear Naked Choke


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