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Desert Force on MBC Action “Al Academiya” Finale Results and LIVE Fight Coverage on January 27

Desert Force is back TONIGHT (Monday, January 27, 2014) for Desert Force "Al Academiya" Finale at Al-Hussein Youth City, Boxing Arena, Amman - Jordan.


Desert Force is back TONIGHT (Monday, January 27, 2014) for Desert Force “Al Academiya” Finale at Al-Hussein Youth City, Boxing Arena, Amman – Jordan. Get your results, live updates and real-time coverage right here of what promises to be the largest event in Desert Force History.

Desert Force “Al Academiya” will feature 8 fights on the line, including a middleweight headliner between Mohammad Fakhreddine and Thabet Agha. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the Prelims this evening (Monday, January 27, 2014) which are scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. Amman local time

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after show to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave your comments before you leave and chat with all the other Desert Force fans during the show, it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after the Desert Force Grand Prix Finals

Without further delay, see below for the latest Desert Force “Al Academiya Finale” results.

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  • Mohammad Fakhreddine Vs Thabet Agha, Mohammad Fakhrreddine via Ref. Stoppage (injury), Round 2, 1:06sec
  • Mohamad Ghorabi Vs Ezzeldine Belharj, Mohamad Ghorabi via TKO, Round 1, 2:50sec
  • Elie el Rayess Vs Tareq Hamdi, Tareq Hamdi via Submission (armbar), Round 2, 1:20sec
  • Silvester Saba Vs Mahmoud Saeed, Silvester Saba via Unanimous Decision, Round 3
  • Anas Siraj mounir Vs Mounir Lazzez, Mounir Lazzez via KO, Round 3, 1:15sec
  • Ali Alnaemi Vs Mohammad Sebaie, Ali Anaemi via submission (mounted guillotine), Round 1, 2:37sec
  • Ahmad Odeh Hammoudeh Vs Ibrahim el Sawi, Ibrahim el Sawi via submission (rnc), Round 1, 1:04sec
  • Victor Monfort Fernandez Vs Amr Wahmann, Amr Wahman via submission (guillotine choke), Round 1, 2:07sec


Anas Siraj mounir Vs Mounir Lazzez

Round 1: Mounir Lazzez walks in with Team Nogueira. The sniper looks ready to take on the sensation. He walks in the cage. And now comes in the sensation with the entourage and his famous headers.
As always the sensation Anas Siraj is calm and smiling. Anas enters the cage. They touch gloves, and the war is on! Both are measuring each other, the sniper starts with a leg kick. And a jab by Mounir. Anas hits a spinning fist. The sniper hits a strong head kick and takes Mounir down. Anas stands up and throws a vicious right. And they are back on the ground. Round 1 is over.

Round 2: Both are measuring. Mounir jabs, and Anas returns with a jab. Leg kick by Anas.
Lazzez replies with a head kick. Lazzez is focusing on leg kicks. Anas slips but stands up and takes Lazzez down. They are both up. A head kick by Lazez, a jab, and another leg kick. Anas tries to take him down. Lazzez takes him down, but Anas manages to be on top. End of round 2. What a close one. Anas’s leg is red from all the kicks.

Round 3:Lazzez hits a leg kick. Anas replies with a flying knee that didn’t land. A high kick by Lazzez that knocks Anas down. KO! The fight is over. Anas is not moving! It tooks the doctors a while to wake him up! What a knockout by Lazzez. KO of the night!


Victor Monfort Fernandez Vs Amr Wahmann

Round 1: Victor monfort steps in looking very serious and relaxed. And now Wahman steps in covered with the egyptian flag. The fight starts, Victor starts with a low kick. Wahman throws a punch and baks out. Victor hits a a leg kick, and another. Wahman replies with another. Wahman throws a huge punch. Victor goes down. Wahman starts hammering him. Wahman now has a vicious guillotine choke. Victor tries to escape and he taps. What a huge surprise!


Ahmad Odeh Hammoudeh Vs Ibrahim el Sawi

Round 1: Ahmad Odeh steps in with the jordanian flag around him. And the crowd goes nuts. He enters the cage. Now the favorite Sawi steps in with his entourage and enters the cage. And the fight is on! Huge body kick by Sawi. He throws a couple of punches. Another left and right. Odeh falls down. And rear chokes him. That’s it. Ahmad tapped. What a performance by Sawi!


Ali Alnaemi Vs Mohammad Sebaie

Round 1: Ali Alnaemi entered the cage looking very confident. His opponent walks in looking eager to fight with no cornermen. He steps into the cage and shakes Ali’s hands. And they meet center ring. And we are on. A body kick and takedown by Ali, he is in Sebai’s guard. And rained a huge combo and took him down. Now they are in the guard. Naimi is hammering Sebaie. They stand up, Naimi strikes him with a jab and takes him down. And starts hammering Sebaie down. And he submits him!


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