Desert Force on MBC Action Grand Prix Finals results and LIVE fight coverage on June 15 will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire card this evening (Sat., June 15, 2013)

Desert Force Finals

Desert Force is back TONIGHT (Sat., June 15, 2013) for Desert Force on MBC Action Grand Prix Finals at Al-Hussein Youth City, Boxing Arena, Amman – Jordan. Get your results, live updates and real-time coverage right here of what promises to be the largest event in Desert Force History.

Desert Force Grand Prix Finals will feature 4 title fights on the line. In the featherweight division, Abdul Kareem al Selwady will face Yousef al Hamad. In the lightweight Ahmad Al Bossairy and Haider Rasheed. Aniss Hajjajy and Amr Wahman in the Welterweight, and finally Mhamad Karaki and Feras Saadah for the Light Heavyweight title.

Also scheduled for this nights’s extravaganza are 4 bouts featuring Ali Al Naemi VS Abdul-Ahad Abdul Majid, Mahmoud Salamah VS Abdullah Abu-Hamdan, Tarek Suleiman VS Mohammad Sarsar,and Mohammad Abdul-Kareem – Egypt VS Amin Nacheb. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire card this evening (Sat., June 15, 2013), starting with Prelims which are scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. Amman local time, as well as the main card.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after show to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave your comments before you leave and chat with all the other Desert Force fans during the show, it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after the Desert Force Grand Prix Finals

Without further delay, see below for the latest Desert Force Grand Prix Finals results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)

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Ali Naemi vs Abdul-Ahad Abdul-Majeed

Abdulahad Abdulmajeed, Round 3, Decision.

Tarek Suleiman vs Mohammad Sarsar

Tarek Suleiman, Round 1, Rear Naked Choke.

Mahmoud Salamah vs Abdallah Abou Hamdan

Abdallah Abou Hamdan, Round 2, Doctor Stoppage.

Mohammad Abdul-Kareem vs Amin Nacheb

Mohammad Abdul-Kareem, Round 1, Armbar.


Aniss al Hajjajy vs Amr Wahman

Aniss al Hajjajy, Round 1, TKO

Mhammad Karaki vs Feras Saada

Mhamad Karaki, Round 1, TKO (ground and pound)

Ahmad Al Bossairy vs Haider Racheed

Haider Rasheed, Round 1, Submission

Abdul Kareem El Selwady vs Yousef Al Hamad

Abdul Kareem El Selwady, Round 1, KO


7:00pm: We are very close to the start of the night! The arena is almost filled to the brim. We’ve got a few celebrities in attendance as well! In the audience tonight we’ve got Diana Karazon, Mahyar Khadour, Ahmad Tohami, Yousef Arafat, and captain Nour Khatab.


Ali Naemi vs Abdul-Ahad Abdul-Majeed

Round 1: We are off! Ali el Naeimi making his walk in. A crowd favorite known for his humor and wit. Won’t be making too many jokes this evening though as he faces the 17 year old desert force debutant from Saudi.

And here he is! Abdulahad Abdul Majeed walking in looking very focused. Not only is he 17, he also has a 17cm advantage over Ali Naeimi.

Abdulahad is a Muay Thai practitioner with a well rounded game. Watch those knees Ali Naeimi! Naeimi is a wrestler who has strong ground game and will be looking for the ground and pound. Both fighters get a resounding applause as the announcer introduces them.

Both fighters embrace and we’re off! Low kick to start by Ali, another one, looking to cut short Abdulahad. Abdulahad looking light on his feet and moving well.
A kick by Naeimi to the body, Naeimi looking to pick his shots, but when he does he throws them hard!

Naeimi bull rushing but missing his target. Abdulahad throwing great punches but not connecting.

Low kick by Abdulahad.

Both fighters seem content to spend this round sizing one another out. Abdulahad seems to look for the counter punch when he can, specially after Naeimi commits to a kick. And he connects with a vicious right to Naeimi’s head. Failed takedown attempt by Naeimi again. Good punch by Naeimi, straight jab. Naeimi looks gassed! He’s eating some low kicks now. End of round one! Naeimi started strong but seems to have lost some energy by the end of the round when Abdulahad was landing some kicks and punches. We have to give that 10-9 to Abdulahad.

Round 2: Low kick by Naeimi to Abdulahad’s nether regions. Short stop to the fight for the Saudi to recuperate. Low kick by Abdulahad really stung Naeimi. Whenever Abdulahad gets close, Naeimi throws a vicious kick to his ribs. Stuffed takedown by Naeimi, and they’re up again. Abdulahad doing a great job of keeping this standing.

Woooow!!! A strong right hook by Naeimi. Abdulahad felt that one for sure! Naeimi is waiting for his chance to throw right hand bombs, but those low kicks by Abdulahad seem to have showed him quite a bit. Naeimi appears to be bleeding from his nose as a result of the many jabs. Straight right takes Naeimi down. Some ground and pound by the Saudi, as Naeimi gets up he takes a big knee to the face. Both fighters up now but Naeimi looking gassed and out of ideas. End of round 2. That’s gotta be another 10-9 to Abdulahad. His patient game plan is working very well and he has stopped every take down attemp of Naeimi’s.

Round 3: Naeimi coming out strong. He knows he has to finish Abdulahad. He connects with two strong rights and starts wailing into Abdulahad. He’s got him against the cage. Abdulahad bloodied now. Naeimi going for the kill! Brief respite to wipe the sweat off the ground.

We’re off again. Naeimi rushing his opponent now trying to cut off the ring. A mis-kick by Naeimi and Abdulahad takes him down. Both fighters jostling for the position. Abdulahad looking for an angle to drop some elbows. And he’s up. Naeimi waiting for him on the ground, but Abdulahad not falling for it. The ref stands them up. A straight jab from Abdulahad, and another two. Both fighters look tired. Circling around one another. That’s it!!! Round 3 would probably go to Naeimi 10-9. Arabsmma gives this to Abdulahad 29-28. Let’s see what the judges say.

Abdulahad is the winner! Naeimi makes his way fast to the locker room. Mohammad Hosani now speaking to Abdulahad. He looks tired but visibly elated. His game plan worked a treat for the first 2 rounds. Patiend counter striking, jabs, and avoiding the takedown. Well done Abdulahad.

Tarek Suleiman vs Mohammad Sarsar

Suleiman lost his last fight by TKO and will be looking to bounce back strong. He was originally supposed to fight Khalid Walid who then pulled out. Mohammed Abu Naim stepped but also had to pull out on short notice. Desert Force asked Mohammad Sarsar to step in and he willingly did. Sarsar is making his debut in Desert Force, let’s see how this goes.

Round 1: And in they come! Both fighters looking calm and composed, raring to go! Mohammed gets a big round of applause! On a side note, great walk in song by Suleiman! Snowgoons!

They touch gloves, and we’re off! Sueiman looking much better than he did against Fakhreddine. He starts off with a takedown and succeeds. He’s working for a Kimura. And he seems to have got it!!! Sarsar isn’t tapping. He’s trying to get up and eats a few punches on the way. Suleiman using his wrestling to keep Sarsar guessing. He’s manhandling him! Side control by Suleiman. Full mount! He made that look easy. Ground and pound by Suleiman. Sarsar looking to hold on here. Big elblow from Suleiman, another, and another, Sarsar doing well to stay in it. Suleiman throwing short hooks at Sarsar. Sarsar tries to throw his legs up and catch Suleiman and roll him. But Suleiman’s power is quite something. Sarsar rolls him! He’s got tarek in a choke attempt but it doesn’t sink. Suleiman gets Sarsar against the cage and takes him down. Short jabs by both fighters. Tarek’s got Sarsars back! and looking for the choke! He’s got it!!! It’s sinking in and Sarsar holds on. That’s it! He taps! Wow what a great performance by Suleiman! What a way to come back! Dominant from start to end and he kept pushing and pushing.

He’s being interviewed by Hosani. His strategy was to work on the takedowns and take this fight to the ground and tire Sarsar. He sure did that, and his teammates Wissam and Ryan look stoked!

Mahmoud Salamah vs Abdallah Abou Hamdan

Salama is back again after his loos to the champion Hashem Arkhagha and will look to make his way back into the title contention. Abou Hamdan returns for his 2nd Desert Force fight after an impressive debut. Both like to strike, both throw bombs and hit hard. This could either be the fight of the night or knockout of the night.

Round 1: First in is Mahmoud Salamah who is looking extremely fit. And here comes Abou Hamdan! With one heck on an entourage! Both fighters raring to go! They touch gloves and we’re off. Hamdan throws a leg kick that Salamah counters with a furry of punches. Salamah takes Hamdan down after a kick and they’re jostling. Hamdan looking for the armbar! But Salamah survives. Salamah throws some vicious elbows to the head of Hamdan but he doesn’t look phased. In fact he reverses and Salamah is now on the bottom! The fighters work their way up. Hamdan initiates a take down straight away. He pushes Salamah up against the cage. Hamdan stands up and waits for Salamah to rise. Both fighters throw bombs after initially feeling each other out. Hamdan goes for another take down but ends up in choke attempt by Salamah. He works his way out of it. Hamdan moves away and waits for Salamah to stand. And they’re up. Salamah throws a great leg kick to the body of Hamdan. Salamah throws a crisp superman punch and it lands! Hamdan quickly working the take down and gets Salamah in a choke!!! This looks dangerous! But the round ends! Salamah was saved by the bell there! Salamah is the more aggressive fighter but Hamdan fought smarter and worked his takedowns well. We’d have to give first round to Hamdan 10-9.

Round 2: They’re trading punches and kicks. Salamah throws the same left jab right across and kick combo when countering Hamdan’s kicks. Hamdan works the takedown again! Hamdan in top position but Salamah has got his neck in a choke attempt. He seems happy to leave his head there and relax. Salamah’s choke not having the desired effect. Salamah needs to make sure he doesn’t gas his arms there. Hamdan works his way out and into an armbar attempt! But Hamdan escapes into side control. Hamdan stands up and waits for Salamah. Left head kick by Salamah blocked by Hamdan. Another takedown attempt by Hamdan lands him in a choke attempt. Salamah looking tired. Those choke attempts might have taken their toll. Hamdan with another take down but he looks slow to stand. Both fighters trading and landing punches. Hamdan takes Salamah down and lands some vicious punches! 10 seconds to the end of the round. Salamah holds on. This doesn’t look good though. His coaches have to help him onto the stool. The man is clearly tired. The doctors in the ring check on Salamah! It’s over! Salamah quits on his chair! He doesn’t have the energy to get up. WOW!!!

That’s Hamdan’s second win in Desert Force, and he sure seems happy.

Mohammad Abdul-Kareem vs Amin Nacheb

Next up we have the BIG dogs. Literally speaking. It’s time for the 120KG category! Amin Nacheb from Tunis will face Mohammad AbdulKareem from Egypt.

Round 1: In comes Abdulkareem with what must be one of the most intricate haircuts seen in Desert Force. He certainly does look big! Abdulkareem most recently won at the Indian Super Fight League against Daniel Singh. He will look to repeat that performance here again tonight! And in comes his opponent from Tunis! The tunisian fans seem to outweigh the egyptian fans tonight. They touch gloves, and we’re off! A furry of punches to start the fight followed by a clinch and a plethora of knees. Amin scores the take down, and he looks to trap the Egyptian’s left arm. Side control from Amin. Half guard, and the Tunisian unloads some heavy elbows and bombs. Abdulkareem will need to get this fight standing asap. And he works an armbaaaa! out of nothing! Amin taps!!! Out of nothing Abdulkareem rolled Amin and grabbed a hold of his arm and wouldn’t let go. WOW!!!

That makes Abdulkareem the first ever fighter to win at 120KG. Mohammad Hosani looks tiny standing next to AbdulKareem.

15 minutes break.


The first title fight of four is around the corner! For the 77Kg category, we have Aniss Hajjajy from Morocco facing Amr Wahmann from Egypt. Wahmann stunned the fans with his TKO win over Gabriel Tayeh in his last fight and will look to continue the trend against the Moroccan. Not really the most fearful, but whatever floats your boat. And here comes the Moroccan!!! Aniss looks calm and collected. Iron focus!

Aniss Hajjajy vs Amr Wahman

Round 1: Aniss looks pumped up! They touch gloves and we’re off. Aniss goes for a takedown which Amr manages to avoid. A low kick by Aniss seems to have little effect on Amr. Another takedown attempt stopped by Amr. He did this to great effect against Gabriel in his last fight. A low kick by Amr and Aniss grabs his arm looking to drag him. He pushes amr up against the cage and gets him down. Here we go this is Aniss world. Full mount by Aniss. He’s looking for an arm. They scramble and Aniss ends up in side control. Amr trying to break out from underneath Aniss with no luck. He’s up! He rolls out from under Aniss by using the cage. But Aniss’s BJJ is just too strong. He’s got him down again by the cage. Amr has given up his back! Let’s see what Aniss can do here. Amr is in a bad spot and needs to get out. Aniss pounding arms head. Amr not defending himself! It’s over!!! TKO in Round 1! Aniss pulled Amr from the top after the latter had given up his back. Ladies and gentlemen, we our first champion of the evening! Aniss Hajjajy from Morocco!

Aniss grabs the shield and salutes his crowd like a gladiator! Wow! He is elated!

Mhammad Karaki vs Feras Saada

And Shogun fans, here comes O Lutador!!! Flanked as usual by Louai Kiblawi but also Mohammad Fakhreddine and Ghorabi. Now that’s what I call an entourage!

Round 1: Karaki gives Saada a knowing wink as they enter the cage. And we’re off! Karaki jumping onto Saada and bringing him down on top of him. Saada in Karaki’s guard. Karaki is working on a move here but Saada manages to get out. They stand. Karaki takes Saada down again. Saada will want to avoid these situations. We all know how dangerous Karaki is on the ground. Sid control by Karaki! He works his way to a full mount and starts unloading punches and elbows on Feras. Feras is up against the cage. He needs to work his way back up fast. Big elbow by Karaki lands square. The ref stops it!!! Karaki is the champion. Saada not happy at all. He feels that the fight was stopped early. A great spot of showmanship as Saada lifts Karaki and acknowledges the champion! He lifts the shield and is joined by his team mates. He is ecstatic!!! That’s one title for Shogun so far. Fakhreddine looks happier than Karaki! He dedicates his win to his grandmother who passed away recently and to Lebanon! Some fans are not too pleased with what they perceive as an early stoppage.

Ahmad Al Bossairy vs Haider Racheed

Speaking of unhappy fans, next up we have Haider Rasheed vs Ahmad al Boussairy for the 70Kg fight. Rasheed won his last fight in suspect circumstance taking a decision win over Mohammad Arti. Many felt that the fight should have been a draw or a win for Arti. He here has a chance to show the crowd that he rightfully deserves to be in this title fight. Against Boussairy he will face an unpredictable opponent who amazed the crowd in his last fight against Silvester Saba. Altough a big underdog, his stamina and bag of tricks brought him to the win. This fight will have fireworks!!!

Ooh wait a minute. It’s not Haider or Boussairy. Fakhreddine comes out! He’s on stage with Ghorabi. The crowd is booing him since he will be facing Hashem Arkhagha, a home crowd favourite later in the year. Aaannnd here comes Hashem!!! And the crowd goes nuts! The arena is shaking as Hashem enters the ring. It’s tense. Both fighters stand across the ring from one another and stare at each other looking ready to settle this now. No one is sitting down! The arena is on its feet. The fight is announced for December. Mohammad Mirza announces the fight and the TV show that will precede it: Desert Force Academy. You can barely hear Hashem. The crowed are hanging on his each and every word. A scuffle breaks out on stage between the two fighters. Each having to be held back by their corners. That’s it folks, both fighters are led back out their separate ways. This is going to be one heck of a matchup! Aaand back to our title fight!

Out first comes Ahmad Boussairy in what is the first of 2 matchups between Jordan and Kuwait. Boussairy hugs his corner men as he enters the cage. Will he walk out a champion? Stay tuned.
We spotted Haider’s younger brother just next to us. He’s crouching down and avoiding the crowd obviously wanting to focus on his brother’s fight. And here comes the Jordanian. As you would imagine the crowd goes nut. Here he is!! Hashem Arkhagha is in his corner. Boussairy meanwhile is stretching in his corner and speaks with his coaches. He looks as clam as can be!

Round 1: They touch gloves and we’re off! Both men circling. Boussairy leads with a kick which misses its target. He takes down Ahmad. Ahmad’s got his hooks in but Haider delivers punches. Side control by Haider. He’s looking to free his arms to deliver elbows. Switches to full mount then to Ahmad’s back. He’s got his back and looking for a choke. He’s got it!!!!!! He did it! Haider Rasheed wins by first round submission! Wow! Haider Rasheed is the first Desert Force Champion at 70Kg!
In his victory interview, Haider discloses that he was suffering from injuries prior to the bout.

Abdul Kareem El Selwady vs Yousef Al Hamad

Next up them main event! Yousef el Hamad from Kuwait VS AbdulKareem al Selwady from Jordan. Selwady’s story reads like a fairytale. Brought in as a training partner at Team Mirza, he quickly showed his capability as a fighter and was drafted in as a late replacement for a Desert Force Fight. He hasn’t looked back since winning two fights and cementing his place as a crowd favorite. He faces arguably his toughest test tonight against Yousef, a BJJ black belt from Kuwait.

Here they come! Our first is the Akhtaboot Yousef el Hamad. He enters the ring to an appreciative applause from the crowd. And here comes the crowd favourite! Abdulkareem al Selwady is cornered by his father, his striking coach Issa Abu Nassar, and Hashem Arkhaga. The young man is ripped as ever! The height advantage that Akhtaboot has becomes apparent when they both enter the ring. Staggering! 1.86cm VS 1.73cm

Round 1: They touch gloves, and we’re off! High kick by Yousef misses its target. They exchange low kicks. Yousef happy to stay at distance and wait for the takedown. Good jab by Abdulkareem. And Yousef tries to take him down without success. And he’s got him down but selwady gets up quick. Yousef looking to capitalize on any mistakes by Selwady. They’re both up again. Low kick by Selwady met with a high kick by Yousef. Selwady is in Yousef’s guard. This is dangerous. Short jabs by Yousef. He’s trying to make Selwady commit an arm or leg. Yousef tries an armbar, Selwady escapes! Selwady up and waiting for Yousef to get up. The ref. stands up Yousef. Selwady catches a low kick and punches Yousef out! He throws two more on the ground. Hamad is KO’d ! Selwady has done it!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable scenes here!
A superman punch set that up. He followed it up with a vicious left hook that caught Yousef on the chin. Lights out!!!

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