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Desert Force 17 “Homecoming” Fight Card + Results


Desert Force officials have announced today their next event, Desert Force 17, which will take place on the 25th of May. After four consecutive epic events in the GCC, the promotion returns to their homeland in Jordan for yet another sick lineup.

The event takes place in Al Hussein Boxing Arena in Jordan’s capital city, Amman.


  • Hamza Kooheji Vs Ghaleb Harahshe, Hamza Kooheji, Round 2, via TKO
  • Mohamed Sayah Vs Jarrah Al Silwawi, Jarrah Al Silawi, Round 2, via TKO
  • Amr Wahmann Vs Mohammad Fakhreddine, Mohammad Fakhreddine, Round 1, via Submission due to strikes
  • Lois Cadet Vs Abdulkareem Selwady, Abdulkareem Al Selwady via Unanimous Decision
  • Jarjis Danho Vs Stefan Traunmuller, Jarjis Dahno, Round 1, via TKO
  • Abdelali Hariri Vs Nawras Abzakh, Nawras Abzakh, Round 1, via Rear Naked Choke
  • Yousef Abu Shreekh Vs Amin Nacheb, Amin Nacheb, Round 1, via Guillotine Choke
  • Rami Hamed Vs Walid Akrouh, Rami Hamded, Round 1, via KO
  • Jalal Daaja Vs Ali Al Qaisi, Jalal Daaja via Unanimous Decision
  • Ezzedine AlDerbane Vs Hussein Salem, Ezzedine Al Derbane, Round 1, via Disqualification
  • Silvester Saba Vs Saddam Abou Ragheb, Saddam Abou Ragheb via Unanimous Decision

The rest is TBA. Stay tuned on for fight card updates.

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  • We want Arifa Bseiso Back

    نريد عريقة بسيسو من جديد

    On veut Arrifa de retour !!

    • Just you man. The other guy no good but arifa repeat same question always – gameplane? did you think he would win? bla bla bla

  • At least she s better than the others, her interviews may be repetitive but way more respectful/ pro compared to the current one !!


  • Great fight card….Im wondering why there r 2 fights in a row for ali naimi and amr wahman ….they should give other fighters a chance

    • Hi Abdullah,

      Its circumstantial. Which other welterweight would you put against Fakhreddine now? Both him and Wahmann are coming off losses and are both trying to come back and build a winning streak again.

      Re Jalal vs Naemi, which other bantamweight makes sense for him at this point. Jalal is new to the promotion, it doesn’t make sense for him to fight someone like Bardawil who is on a two fight win streak. We approached Philippe Massoud initially but he couldn’t make it because of University and the same applies for Abdulkader Souane. Naemi wanted to make the drop and come back fast. So it made most sense. He is a veteran of DF and this fight would give Jalal a good test and the fans an idea of where he fits into the bantamweight division

      • thank u nassar for ur clarification, you put it in another angle that does make sense…but also i guess now if we suggest another fighter he might not be available for some excuse as well. i was wondering at welterweight of bachir majri (coming of a lose & would be great fight) or ezzidine belharch (we did not c this fighter long time ago). also ahmed Beok at bantamweight “i think this is his weight & he looks that has some potential).

        anyhow as i said great card hope no one gets injured:) & thank u again

  • 9 Jordanian fighters in this card. Finally the Arab world will see our fighters

  • اتمنى ان يكون النزالات المذاعة مباشرة

    نزال طارق سليمان ضد جراح السيلاوى (main event )
    2عمرو وهمان ضد محمد فخر الدين
    3 نزال عبد الكريم السلوادى
    4 مهدى حسن ضد محمد على فلكس

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