Desert Force Round 2 Weigh Ins

Photo credit by Photographer Nadia Bseiso

Hashem Arkhagha VS Ibrahim el Sawi

There has been plenty of build-up leading up to this fight ,Both Hashem Arkhagha and Ibrahim El Sawi training abroad for this event. Arkhagha Calm and ready staring straight into the Egyptian monster’s Face at the DESERT FORCE ROUND 2 weigh ins.


ابراهيم الصاوي و هاشم أرخاغة

Mohamad Farhad VS Abdelali Yachou

Farhat showing no sign of intimidation as Yachou stares from above.Both Fighters confident and ready for WAR!!


محمد فرحت و عبداللي ياشو

Mohammed Arti VS Aziz Julaidan

A face-off between two Khaliji Warriors.This is gonna be one dirty sandy fight


محمد أرتي و عزيز جليدان

Ali al Naeimi VS Shadey Ali Ahmed

Don’t be deceived by this closeness, it’s way too far from affection.


علي النعيمي و شادي علي أحمد

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