Desert Force “Vs the World” Recap: Abdulrahman Awadi VS Ahmad al Boussairy


Boussairy came into this fight determined to get back into the W column after losing his last title fight against the Jordanian Haider Rasheed via submission. A Jeet Kun Do practitioner, many were interested to see how Boussairy had developed his ground game since that loss as he gears up for another run at the title. His first obstacle, Desert Force debutant Abdulrahman Awadi from Egypt!

Awadi came out as the aggressor early on, but it was Boussairy who dominated the first round demonstrating that he has been working on his ground offense and defense. Attempting several armbars and a triangle submission and delivered strikes from full mount to welcome Awadi to Desert Force.

The first round took a lot of energy out of Awadi since he had to escape several tight submission attempts and it showed in the 2nd and 3rd round. Boussairy appeared to be the much fresher fighter and threw a number of great strikes (including a superman punch off the cage that landed) and dominated the ground game to take a unanimous decision victory.

Awadi showed tremendous chin to hang in there for the full 15 minutes, but Boussiary will be delighted with his performance!

Desert Force “Vs the World” Recaps

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