Desert Force “Vs the World” Recap: Noureldin Isam VS Ahmad al Darmaki


Darmaki came into this one looking like a man possessed. So keen was he to get into the cage and start fighting that he ran past the cameras and began taking his shoes and shirt off. He had to be called back by the officials to apply the Vaseline on his face and to undergo the regular checks.

The Emirati’s entrance was in stark contrast to the Sudanese fighter who walked in with Thabet Agha who deputized for Nourledin’s regular corner who were nowhere to be found.

Darmaki came out very strong and ran towards Nourledin and began throwing punches! Nourledin quickly worked for the take down and landed in Darmaki’s guard. Darmaki attempted to work for submissions but Noureldin did a good job avoiding them. Whenever the fighters were standing they would trade a flurry of punches and strikes before landing in the clinch and later on the ground.

Darmaki looked to have expended a tremendous amount of energy in that first round and was not as fresh in the 2nd and 3rd which gave Noureldin the opening he was waiting for to work his striking and wrestling skills and winning both rounds to record a win over the hometown favourite.

Desert Force “Vs the World” Recaps

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