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Desert Force ‘Vs the World’ on MBC Action results and LIVE fight coverage on Oct. 17

Desert Force is back TONIGHT (Thu., October 17, 2013) for Desert Force 'Vs the World' on MBC Action

Desert Force is back TONIGHT (Thu., October 17, 2013) for Desert Force ‘Vs the World’ on MBC Action at AUD Knights Stadium in Dubai, United Arab Emirate. Get your results, live updates and real-time coverage right here of what promises to be the largest event in Desert Force History.


Also scheduled for this nights’s extravaganza are 11 bouts featuring familiar names in the Desert Force cage like Aziz Julaidan, Ahmad al Boussairy, Ali Ahli, Anas Siraj Mounir, Victor Monfront, Georges Eid, and Tarek Suleiman. will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire card this evening (Thu., October 17, 2013), which is scheduled to begin at 6:00 p.m. Dubai local time.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after show to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave your comments before you leave and chat with all the other Desert Force fans during the show, it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after the Desert Force ‘Vs the World’.

Without further delay, see below for the latest Desert Force ‘Vs the World’ results.

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  • Ramadan Numan vs. Aziz Julaidan – Julaidan wins via decision
  • Sultan Ali Alowais vs. Abdulmalek Mardhi – Mardhi via retirement
  • Noureldin Isam vs. Ahmad Al Darmaki – Noureldin wins via decision
  • Abulrahman Awadi vs. Ahmed Al-Bussairy – Boussairy wins via decision.
  • Ahmed Amir vs. Hamza Nafush – Hamza wins via decision
  • Ali Ahli vs. Anas Siraj Mounir – Mounir via TKO
  • Victor Monfront vs. Georges Eid – Montfront via KO
  • Tarek Suleiman vs. Abdallah Medjedoub – Medjdoub via ref. stoppage
  • Rafat Shawe vs. Majeed Saddeeq – Saddeeq via TKO
  • Abdulali AitYachou vs. Christopher Silva – Silva via decision
  • Rachid Metlouti vs. Elias Baaklini – Baaklini via TKO


Nassar here all evening long!

Whats up fight fans! Yousef Nassar from Arabs MMA here with you live in Dubai where we are going to witness the first Desert Force fight outside of Jordan in what promises to be an entertaining fight card! We’ve got some really new exciting debutants in the promotion this time around and a few of the fan favorites such as Tarek Suleiman, Georges Eid & Ahmad Boussairy just to name a few.

Today’s main event will be between the Emirati Fighter Ali Ahli and Anas Siraj Mounir. Both of them making their debuts in the promotion and both of them currently unbeaten!

Today one of those records is bound to change.

There are a few regular faces here tonight! Mohammad Hosani will be commentating on the the events inside the cage and Yves Lavigne, UFC referee, will be officiating a few of the fights tonight

Aaaaand were off! The music starts and the crowd gets right behind them.

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Ali Ahli vs. Anas Siraj Mounir

Aaaaaand now on to the final fight! Anas Siraj Mounir, he is the famous Cartwheel KO, vs local hero Ali Ahli! Anas Siraj is the first one out. He looks like a man who means business. Referee for this fight, none other than Yves Lavigne! Anas is shredded! And here comes the local hero! The lights go out, and the crowd is loud!!! Two fighters who have fought 13 fights between them, Zero losses – Z E R O. Someone has to walkout today with that record intact, the other will have to record their first L.

Round One: Round 1 here we go! Main event! Ahli opens up with a double jab. Ahli being the aggressor here early on. Anas throws a right that rocks Ahli!!!! But Ahli recovers and pushes Anas onto the cage. They’re both standing and trading in the center. STRONG punch by Ahli! Low kick by Anas. Spinning backlist by Ahli just misses. Overhand right misses from Anas. Body Kick by Ahli. Strong right by Anas rocks Ahli. Ahli showing great heart. A throng right by Anas knocks out Ahli’s mouthguard! Another long kick by Anas. Ahli throws a right but Anas blocks it. A short interruption to the fight, low blow by Anas. Overhand right connects from Ahli. He goes for the takedown. This is wild!!!! They are dirty boxing and ANas trips Ahli. Overhand right by Anas. Superman punch by Anas and a low kick. Ahli has anas against the cage. Anas going for eh trip. End of round 1. WOOOOOOOOOW!

10-9 Anas

Round 2: Here we go. If its anything like 1 its going to be awesome. Another low kick bu Anas and yet another kick by Anas. Spinning backlist attempt by Ahli. Cartwheel kick attempt by Anas, doesn’t land as flush left jab, low kick combination by Anas. Ahli goes for a takedown but doesn’t get it
Anas reverses it. He’s got Ahli up against the cage. Ahli’s lead leg is looking worse for wear straight right to the face by Anas connects. Ahli doing a good job of staying in this. Anas is picking him apart and is starting to get comfortable in the octagon. Anas going for the kill. He rocks ahli with punches, uppercut. Ahli is down! ground and pound. and its a lll ooooover! Woooow. Ahli showed amazing heart to stay in that long. That was an awesome performance!

Final Result: Anas Siraj Mounir via TKO


Tarek Suleiman vs. Abdallah Medjedoub

Suleiman won his last fight in impressive fashion against Sarsar. Medjedoub represents an altogether different problem though. Fighting out of Tristar in Montreal where he regularly trains with George St Pierre, Rory McDonald and the gang, he has excellent boxing skills. A win for Suleiman could put him back in the title frame. Suleeeeimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. Here he comes!

Round One: Tareks throws a kick and Medjedoub catches it. He attempts a takedown but it doesn’t land. Tarek has Medjedoub against the cage. Medjedoub reverses and has Suleiman up against the cage now. Medjedoub attempts to pick Tarek and slam him. But tarek defends well. He also does weigh 84 KG mind you. Lavigne breaks them up and they are back in the center of the cage. They trade low kicks and jabs. Medjedoub throws another low kick. A jab by Medjedoub lands. Another front kick by Medjedoub. Those are looking dangerous. A punch by Medjedoub and suleiman is on the matt . Medjedoub follows up and is in Tarkes guard. Medjedoub trying to posture up. Medjedoub in side control and he rains down punches but Suleiman looks unfazed. They’re both up. A good string right lands by Suleiman. Round 1 is over!

We gotta give that one to Medjedoub. Suleiman looks like his leg is injured. He is limping and isn’t walking easily. The doctor is in the ring and is checking on suleimans left leg. Medjedoub has good kicks and is using any chance he can to showcase them.

Round Two: Medjedoub takes down Suleiman. He is looking for the ground and pound. Medjedoub in Suleimans guard. Suleiman going for the arm bar, but he can’t secure it. Suleiman attempts an up kick. Another up kick. Medjedoub tries going for the choke. He doesn’t get it. Suleiman is trying to get up but it seems that he can’t stand on his left leg or put any weight on it. He’s up! Medjedoub has Suleiman against the cage. Yves restarts them in the center. Another low kick by Medjedoub lands. Those leg kicks are going to pay dividends, if anything they are going to slow down Suleiman. Its over! The referee stops it! Suleiman can’t stand on his left leg! He looks like he is in serious pain!

Final Result: Abdallah Medjedoub via Referee Stoppage


Georges Eid vs Victor Montfront

Next up we have another Lebanese fighter! It’s Georges Eid vs. Victor Monfront. Here comes Eid! Victor Monfront comes in to raptures applause! He fights out of Team Nogeuira. This one is striker vs striker! The fighters touch gloves and Yves gets us under way! Round 1!

Round One: Low kick by Victor to start. Another low kick. He throws those low kicks with power. Eid catches one though and takes Victor down! They are both back up. High kick by Eid. Head kick by Victor. But Eid shakes it off. Man this is an awesome fight!!!!!!!! They trade low kicks, Eid throws a spinning kick that lands. WOW!!!!!!!!! It’s over!!!! Victor KO’s Eid! That happened so fast you could miss it if you blinked! Victor threw a heavy right that connected right on the button! Eid took another two punches to the head as he was going down – lights out!

Final Result: Victor Monfront via KO


Rachid Metlouti vs. Elias Baaklini

Elias baaaklini makes his way to the cage. In his corner Desert force light heavy weight champ Mohammad Karaki! This guy is huge!!! And his opponent is just as huge! Here comes Rachid Metlouti! SHOGUN ARE YOU THEREEEEE?

Round One: Here we go. A low kick by Elias. Both fighters take center of the octagon. Another low kick, and another by ELias. And he goes for the takedown and gets it! Elias in Metlouti’s guard. Elias tries to push off Metlouti and gain some space to throw bombs. He unloads two right punches. Elias throws another two. Elias pushes Metlouti against the cage. He unloads his punches. side control. He delivers a barrage of hammerfists. ITS OVER!!!!!! Elias does it ! TKO!

Final Result: Elias Baaklini wins via TKO


Sultan Ali Alowais vs. Abdulmalek Mardhi

Next up we have a fight that is bound to get the audience in raptures! We have Abdulmalek Mardhi from Saudi Arabia against Sultan Ali Owais from the UAE! Here comes Abdulmalek! But his reception is nothing like this one – here comes one of the most promising youngsters and Emirati national Sultan Ali Owais! He runs into the cage and performs a backflip off one of the posts! This should get interesting.

Round One: And we’re off. Both fighters trade kicks. Sultan goes for the linch and gets the takedown. He lands in full mount. Abdulmalek does a good job defending from this position. Sultan throws punches to the body. Good reversal by Abdulmalek. He lands in Sultan’s guard. Abdulmalek in full mount! They both stand up. A low kick by Abdulmalek. Another high kick by Abdulmalek followed by a low kick. A low kick by Abdulmalek. Sultan goes for the takedown by Abdulmalek sprawls well. Abdulmalek sprawls and transitions to side mount. He gets on top of sultan with sultan crouching down. Abdulmalek stands and waits for Sultan to get up. They trade low kicks and Abdulmalek throws a few punches that land a body kick by Sultan, another one. Sultan goes for the takedown but can’t quite get it. Abdulmalek stands and waits for Sultan to stand up. A high kick by Abdulmalek, another low kick by Abdulmalek but Sultan counters with a left hook. Abdulmalek closes the round with a strong kick and punch. Wow! That was an awesome round! 10-9 Abdulmalek.

Round Two: Abdulmalek takes the center of the Octagon and it met by a body kick by Sultan. Sultan secures the takedown but Abdulmalek stands and waits for Sultan to get up. A low kick by Abdulmalek. He follows that up with a strong left/right combination. A spinning kick by Sultan lands to the body. But Abdulmalek looks unfazed. Sultan goes for a takedown, but Abdulmalek sprawls well. Sultan has Abdulmalek’s leg but Abdulmalek is laying on top of him. Sultan is bloodied! They throw in the towel!!!!!! Abdulmalek Wins! Najmeddin al Haddad throws in the towel to end that fight. Holly smoke, no one saw the coming. That was a superb performance by Abdulmalek.

Final Result: Abdulmalek Mardhi wins via retirement (Corner throwing in towel)


Rafat Shawe vs. Majeed Saddeeq

Here comes the Iranan Majeed Saddeeq! He makes his Desert Force debut against Rafat Shawe at 84 Kgs. Rafat Shawe fights out of Team Noeguira in Dubai! And judging by his reception it seems we have a lot of their members here tonight! Rafat is built like a beast! The man Yves Lavgine gets us underway!

Round One: Majeed takes the center of the octagon. And he knocks down Rafat with a heavy. He follows it up with punches and Rafat goes for the clinch but Majeed still throw punches to the head and body! left punch! Its over! TKO TKO TKO. Majeed wins! Wow

Final Result: Majeed Saddeeq via TKO


Abdulali AitYachou vs. Christopher Silva

Next up we have the Moroccan Abdelali Yachou! The bruiser will look to avenge his most recent loss to Mohammad Karaki and get himself back into title contention in the Light Heavyweight division. One thing you always know when Abdelali gets in the Octagon, we are in for one hell of a show! His opponent is a BJJ specialist! Christopher Silva! He is also Darmaki’s coach! His pupils loss might serve as a good motivation for this bout! This fight pits a BJJ purple belt (Abdelali) against a black belt (Silva). Both fighters look pumped for this one! What are the odds that this one will go the distance? … No very much. Aaaand Yves Lavigne gets us off.

Round One: Abdelali throws an overhand right that doesn’t land, he follows it up with a front kick. Silva rushes him and initiates the clinch. He clinches Abdelali against the cage. Knees from Abdelali. Abdelali ducks a three punch combo by silva. Another front kick by Abdelali. Silva gets the takedown! This is where it get clinical! Silva goes for the full mount but can’t quite get it. Abdelali elbows the head of Silva from the bottom. Knees from Silva to the body from side mount. Silva transitions into full mount. This could get dangerous for Abdelali. 10 seconds left. Silva postures up but can’t quite deliver any damage. Abdelali had the advantage in the early part of the round, delivering dangerous strikes. That soon turned though as Silva took the fight to the ground.

10-9 Silva

Round Two: Yves Lavigne gets us off to round 2. An overhand right by Abdelali and Silva trips. Silva initiates the clinch and lands in Abdelali’s guard. Abdelali on the ground and looking to stand. He kicks away at the leg of Silva. Silva on top of Abdelali against the cage. They jostle for position and Silva lands in full mount. They deliver short punches to the body. Abdelali shifts the battle to the middle of the cage. Silva tries to posture up but Abdelali does a good job of preventing him from doing so. A small cut seems to have opened up over the left eye of Abdelali. 10 seconds left in this round. And it’s over.

10-9 Silva

Round Three: A low kick by Abdelali to start us off. A front kid by the Moroccan and 2 low kicks. Silva goes for the takedown but Abdelali defends it. Silva goes another takedown, and he gets it! He has Abdelali up against the cage. Yves Lavigne stands them up. Another takedown by Silva. Abdelali looking to deliver blows from the bottom. Silva gets the full mount. 10 seconds left in this round. And that’s it!

We have to give that 10-9 to Silva. Let’s see what the judges decree, Aaaaand the winner by way of decision is Chrisopher Silva! Somehow we have had 5 fights go to decisions. That is very bizarre!

Final Result: Aziz Julaidan via unanimous decision


Ramadan Numan vs. Aziz Julaidan

Next up we have Saudi Jiu Jitsu expert Aziz Julaidan vs. the Egyptian Ramadan Numan, a Muay Thai specialist. Here comes the Numan! Cornered by Ibrahim el Sawi and Ahmed Amir. Fittingly Aziz comes out wearing a t-shirt that says “Keep calm and train jiu jitsu”, no bets on where he wants to take this fight

Round One: Were off! Round 1 starts. They touch gloves. Both fighters circling. Numan starts with a couple of high kicks but Aziz does a good job moving out of the way. Another high kick by Numan followed by a strong low kick. Aziz initiatives the clinch and Numan against the cage. Aziz takes down Numan! This is not where Numan wanted the fight to go to. Aziz jostles but Numan has his legs wrapped around one of Aziz’ legs limiting his motion. Aziz now in full mount and delivers some ground and pound. Numan holding onto Aziz’ upper body. Aziz has him up against the cage and looks to unleash some ground and pound! He rolls him and has Numan’s back! Numan doing a good job of defending Aziz’s submission attempts. He isn’t allowing the Saudi to maneuver. Aziz decides too unload some punches from his position. Aziz now in full mount, but Numan rolls him and ends up in full mount and looks to deliver strikes but is again rolled by Aziz. Aziz now in Numan’s guard. Ten seconds left. End of Round 1.

I gotta give it 10-9 to Julaidan.

Round Two: Round 2 underway. Ramadan stalking Aziz, he unloads two a left/right combination on Aziz and looks to follow it up with leg strikes. A high kick by Numan misses its target. A strong combination by Aziz and he has Numan against the cage. He works for the takedown, and gets it! But he ends up in a choke attempt by Numan, Aziz gets his head out and is now in full mount. Numan holding on to Aziz’ body. Aziz tries to posture up but Numan does well to stop it. Aziz delivers short elbows to Numan’s head. Aziz drags Numan over to the cage. Numan doing a great job of stopping any ground and pound attempt. End of round 2!

We have to give that one to Aziz as well. Juuuuuuust. Round 3 gets underway.

Round Three: Another high kick attempt by Numan just misses its target. You can’t help but wonder if one of those land! Numan showing some nice striking skills! He feints with a right and throws a left. A strong left straight lands by Numan. Numan the aggressor in this round. Aziz throws some strikes of his own! He pushes Numan up against the cage and secures the takedown! One minute left of this fight. Numan doing a good defensive job against the ground skills of Aziz. 10 seconds left. And this fight goes the distance! And the winner by decision is Aziz Julaidan. Interesting!!!! In his post fight interview Aziz says that he has gone down to this weight class to challenge Selwady for the title which he plans on bringing home to Saudi Arabia in 2014!

Final Result: Aziz Julaidan via unanimous decision


Noureldin Isam vs. Ahmad Al Darmaki

Next up we have Ahmad al Darmaki vs. Noureldin Isam! Both fighters are looking to get back into the W column. Noureldin comes back again to the Octagon after losing his last outing against Abdulkareem al Selwady whilst Darmaki lost his last one against Aziz Julaidan. Out comes Noureldin. In his corner we have Thabet Agha and Rachid Metlouti. Metlouti will be fighting against Elias Baaklini later on tonight. Darmaki is pummmpppped He runs past the cameras and is looking to get into the cage. The officials call him back to apply the vaseline. Will we see a KO in this one? It seems quite likely. Darmaki is in and is roaming the cage looking like he means business.

Round One: Round 1! Here we go. Darmaki runs towards Issam! He delivers punches but the Sudani fighter works for the takedown and lands in Darmaki’s guard. Darmaki is looking to secure a guillotine but is isn’t quite tight enough. He keeps a hold of the choke though and looks to secure a standing guillotine. This must be tiring Issam. Issam breaks out of the choke! He’s got Darmaki against the cage. And they break and traaaaaade! That was a flurry of punches! Knees by Darmaki and he looks to secure a takedown but ends up in a clinch against the cage. They are jostling against the cage both working for position. Ahmad has a headlock on. The referee stands them up. And they trade punches again right away! Darmaki secures a takedown and has Issam in his guard. Lets see what the fighters can do from this position. Round 1 is over.

I gotta give that one to Darmaki, juuuuuuuuust about. Having said that you could give that to Issam as well.

Round Two: A front kick by Issam doesn’t land. A follow up low kick does though. Darmaki less aggressive in this round. Another low kick by Issam lands, Both fighters seem a bit more calculating in this round. Two low kicks by Issam and Darmaki goes for a standing guillotine, its not very tight though. Issam has Darmaki against the cage now. A strong knee lands by Issam. Darmaki takes Issam down and they lands in his half guard, they look exhausted! The Referee threatens to stand them but, Darmaki working for the mount but Issam has got his leg. Darmaki attempting to posture up and Issam rolls him! He lands on top of him and is delivering punches to the body and head. Those will take their toll! Round 2 is over.

That one goes to Issam! 10-9 Issam.

Round Three: Both fighters look exhausted. Darmaki maybe a bit more than Noor. Round 3 starts and Issam secures a takedown and lands on top of Darmaki. He is in full mount but Darmaki has Issam’s head locked in tight. Darmaki Rolls him! He can’t secure an advantage from his position and the referee stands them up. Darmaki throws a strong punch but Issam Slaaaaaaams him to the ground! Both fighters now jostling for position, Darmaki in side mount. Darmaki on top but can’t gain an advantage. The referee stands them up. Issam pushes Darmaki against the cage. He knees the legs of the Emirati soldier. 10 seconds left. And this rounds over!

We have to give this one to Issam. 10-9 to the Sudani. Let’s wait and see what the judges have to say. And after three rounds the referee declares the winner by way of referees decision Nourelddin Issam! Darmaki looks visibly upset, he desperately wanted to win in front of a home crowd.

Final Result: Noureldddin Issam via unanimous decision


Ahmed Amir vs. Hamza Nafush

Out comes Ahmad Amir, the Egyptian wrestler who made his name fighting on the Al Batal show where he made it through to the Semi Finals. He will face the Jordanian Hamzah Nafush who will be making his Desert Force debut. Ahmed is cornered by Ibrahim Al Sawi who famously lost to Hashem Arkhagha in the title fight for the 84 KG bout. Aaaaand here comes Hamzah! If he doenst win this fight he definitely wins the “Crowd favorite” fight against Amir. The crowd are right behind him in this one. Hamzah is cornered by Thabet Agha who also fought on the AL Batal TV show and went on the win the title by beating… you guessed it! Ahmed Amir! Yves Lavigne the referee for this one.

Round One: The cage closes…. And were off! They touch gloves to start the round. AHmzah opening with a low kick. Both fighters very light on their feet and looking for an opening. They trade blows and Hamzah goes for the takedown. Hamzah lands in full mount. Amir working is way out of that one and he gets up! a left jab lands by Hamzah and a strong low kick. Another strong left jab by Hamzah lands and a strong low kick. Hamzah doing a good job of pushing this fight. Amir goes for the clinch and they trade knees! Another vicious knee from Hamzah lands. Amir tries some dirty boxing. They land knees and and trade punches as they break the clinch. A front kick by Amir but it doesn’t land flush. Amir throws a kick which Hamzah grabs and uses to go for a takedown. Hamzah now in Amirs guard. Amir has got his hooks in limiting what Hamzah can do from this position. Yves Lavigne asks the fighters to keep busy. And he stands them up. That was well done by Amir. 30 seconds left to the round. They trade vicious punches and kicks to finish the round.

10-9 to Hamzah. Some might give that one a 10-8 though mind. Hamzah the far busier fighter.

Round Two: It will be interesting to see what changes Amir makes to his game plan in the 2nd round. Here we go! And were off! Ahmad goes for the jab but Hamzah takes him down and lands a vicious slam!!!! They land in north/south. Amir scrambles and ends up standing. From a scramble Hamzah gets on top and is in Amir’s half guard. Now full guard. Hamzah looking to deliver some ground and pound but Amir’s hooks limit the damage he can do. The referee stands them up. Another takedown by Hamzah and he is lands in side mount. He transitions and ends up in Amir’s full guard. Amir has got the locks in again. Hamzah postures up and delivers a vicious left to Amir’s face. Both fighters jostling for position. Round 2 finishes!

That one goes to Hamzah. 10-9 in my books.

Round Three: Amir knows he has to go for the finish in this round. He is definitely behind on the judges cards. And we’re off. They touch gloves. Hamzah lands a clean left jab and works for the takedown. Amir has Hamzah against the cage and looks to deliver some knees. He lands in Amir’s half guard and is jostling for position. He delivers strikes to Amir’s head. Hamzah in full mount. Amir scrambles and gets up! Amir grabbed a leg and looked to go for the leg lock but lands on his back. Hamzah now standing over him. He lands a clean punch on Amir and finishes by landing in side mount. An up kick by Amir lands. Another up kick lands. THey both stand. Ahmed leading with an uppercut that misses its target. A low kick by Hamzah lands. Amir has 30 seconds to finish this fight or he will lose this fight. 10 seconds left! And this one is over!

Thats going to be another 10-9 to Hamzah. That’s a 30-27 in our books. Let’s wait to see what the referees have to say. Hamzah wins via decision! A good debut performance form Hamzah. He forced Amir to fight a largely defensive bout.

Final Result: Hamzah Nafush via unanimous decision


Abulrahman Awadi vs. Ahmed Al-Bussairi

Abdulrahman Awadi walks into the cage. He seems pumped up and ready for this one. He has a steely look in his eyes as the corner applies to vaseline to his face aaaand out comes his opponent, crowd favorite Ahmad al Boussairy! Boussairy lost his last fight against Haider Rasheed in what was a title fight for the 70KG belt. He will look to get himself back into the W column here tonight.

Round One: Round 1 and were off! Yazan Ghattas the referee in this match both fighters touch gloves to start. Awadi the aggressor early on. He gets it. He looks for the low kick and then the clinch to work for the takedown. Boussairy is down with Awadi on top of him next to the cage. Hang on whats this!
Boussairy working for the arm bar! Awadi does a good job scrambling. Boussairy looks to switch to the triangle. WOOOOW Awadi lifts him up and slams him into the canvass. But Boussairy just won’t let go of the triangle. Tremendous stamina by bot h fighters!
Awadi broke the triangle! He is trying to switch into side control but Boussairy doing a good job of limiting Awadis’s offense. Awadi now in half guard. He is looking to posture up and delivers blows to Boussairy but Boussiary doing a good job defending. Boussairy sweeps and is on top now! What a scramble this is!!!! Boussairy now in full mount and he postures up and delivers punches to Awadi’s face Awadi pulling Boussairy closer to him to limit the range of strikes. And Boussairy switches to an armbar! It’s almost there but Awadi scrambles well. Boussairy still looking for the arm bar! End of round 1.

That was a good round! We’ve gotta give that to Boussairy though 10-9 Boussairy
Awadi looks a tad bit exhausted in his corner! He had to escape a number of tight submissions in that round and although he was the aggressor initially Boussairy played a great defensive first half of the round

Round Two: Round 2 and were off, a spinning backlist by boussairy misses and he lands on his back. He is baiting Awadi to come to the ground with him bus Awadi wafter his experience of the first runs knows to keep this standing. Boussairy goes for a triangle again and the re stands them up. Superman punch by boussairy to end the round.

10-9 Boussairy that one

Round Three: Round 3 and were off. Both fighters trading and Boussairy connecting with a vicious uppercut! Awadi showing tremendous chin! Boussairy takes him down and lands on top. Boussairy working his way towards a full mount but Awadi holding on and keeping Boussairy’s torso close to him. Awadi is cut and seems to be bleeding just above his left eye. A good reversal from Awadi and Boussairy reverses AGAIN!!!!! He lands in full mount Boussairy lads a brutal punch to Awadi’s face! A few short elbows and strike by Bousssairy to the grounded Awadi. Awadi scrambles and gets up! Bousairy waiting for him on the ground and the ref stands him up. Another attempted spinning backlist by Boussairi but he misses and manages to trip Awadi. Awadi lands in Boussairy’s guard. Awadi looks exhausted… Boussairy tries to push his upper body upwards to able to torque his legs and go for the arm bar. Times up!

That was another 10-9 to Boussairy! This one goes to the refs. And the judges agree with us! This one goes to Boussairy! That was a good performance by the Kuwaiti. He seems to have worked a lot on his ground game since his fight against Haider Rasheed.

Final Result: Ahmed Boussairy wins via unanimous decision


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