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Desert Force 22’s Artem Reznikov Discusses Judges’ Decision And More

Desert Force 22

In his promotional debut at Desert Force MMA Championship, Artem Reznikov battled against Jordan’s Jarrah Al Selawi in the headliner of the Desert Force 22 which took place last Monday, April 18, 2016. While many viewers felt Reznikov clearly deserved the win, the judges awarded Al Selawi the unanimous decision, sparking controversy among fans, fighters, and Desert Force officials.

Despite an official statement from the Arab MMA Commission, Artem Reznikov discusses his pre-fight experience and urges Desert Force to reconsider the decision. Check out what he had to say.

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  • A shame for this Commission and Jarrah, who had lain all fight on his back.. if he is a real man, he should refuse such a victory, and not jump for joy like a child!!!

    • OK dude chill, we got it, even if I’d agree with you partially but there is no need to copy past the same comments over all related articles 🙂 stop the spam dude!
      A7la murad :p ma3 eno ma ba3rfak :p

      • ibrahim stop to tell me what i have to do.. it’s not the spam its my opinion and i know and sure what i say. Yes i tell it every where and wil do it again..

  • Desert Forse 22 where is my money??? Nobody met me at the airport when I arrived on fight.. after you plundered my victory. Passed already almost three months but you do not give me of money for fight! I heard a lot of good about Arabian people, I the first time have arrived to the Arabian country! I’ll not judge from for one organization, but to me this situation is not pleasant!!! Desert Force give me my money!

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