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DubaiFightingChampionship 4 Fight Night Recap – Daley KO’s Ribeiro, Mohammed Walid is the first DFC Interim Welterweight Champ

May 10th featured one of the Top MMA events to ever hit the Middle East with an all Arab Judging panel and 10 back to back battles.

Dubai Fighting Championship closed the books on its 4th event DFC 4 at the Madinat Arena – Mina a’ Salam in the beautiful city of Dubai. May 10th featured one of the Top MMA events to ever hit the Middle East with an all Arab judging panel and 10 back to back battles with live online streaming for the first time .
A sell out event with a large mix of nationalities in attendance , a more than welcomed female presence in the Arena with special guests Hall of Famer Royce Gracie along side K-1 Super start Gokhan Saki.

Paul Daley Vs Rodrigo Ribeiro (Main)
If Daley catches you with a clean hook, you are almost certainly going to lose the fight.
After a brief feeling out period in the opening round with Semtex landing a couple of jabs and Ribeiro peppering with some low kicks, Rodrigo attempts two takedowns half way thru the round which were stuffed by Daley. At that point Semtex was more relaxed mixing his punches .Rodrigo finally got the takedown but not much time for the BJJ veteran to work his game from half guard .
Round 2 started with Semtex being the aggressor .Charging in and going for the kill , Daley managed to drop and pin Ribeiro close to the fence, pounding his way and dropping bombs to win by KO.

Mohammed Walid Vs Tonie Michielson ( Co-Main )
Co-Main event featured local favorite Mohammed Walid who faced the toughest fight in his short career. Much of the first round was on the ground , Walid taking down Tonie and pulling guard on multiple occasions , completely outclassing him with multiple submission attempts .
Second round had Michielsen landing some nice punches from Walid’s open guard , Referee stands the fighters again but Mohamed quickly pulls guard again and goes for a heel hook before the round ended.
A low blow by Tonie in the opening minute of the 3rd round , the referee calls time . As the fight is restarted , Michielsen throws a spinning back first which Walid times perfectly , manages to take Tonie’s back and submit him Via Rear Naked choke to make history and be the first DFC interim welterweight champion.
Mohammed Walid wants Mounir Lazzez and is definitely in a position to Call him out!

Walid sinks in a tight Rear Naked Choke on Michelson.

Fatih Ulusoy Vs Craig Harriman
Fighters did not touch gloves and went directly to war. Fatih started strong and controlled the action. Moving forward all the time & landing with punches and kicks , Fatih catches Craig and drops him with a left head kick before the round ends.
Craig managed to find his Rhythm in the second , felt liek he was back in the fight and mixing it up with nice combinations against the fence. Fatih controls the third round with Craig showing great heart after being pounded on and mounted.
Fatih Steals the Decision win !

Hubert Geven vs Khasan Majlimov

One of the fastest fights that evening with Hubert Geven outclassing Majlimov .Majlimov failed to takedown Geven on the first attempt , Another attempt and Geven ends up in side control to mount to back. Hubert Controls the back and goes for a RearNaked choke. Tap Tap Tap !

Rafat Chawe Vs Erve Fammoe

Rafat started the round with a vicious leg kick that dropped Fammoe. Fammoe in turn comes back with a punch that drops Chawe and it has begun !Chawe managed to stand back up and goes for a takedown into side mount. Fammoe managed to pull half guard but Chawe drops some hard hits before the end of the round.
Fammoe’s left eye is almost shut. A standing guillotine attempt by Chawe secures the win!

Daniel Nuamah vs. Amirov Nabiyula

Both lightweights are mainly of a striking background, but nabiyula chose to take the fight to the ground and tried to submit Nuamah he secured 3 takedowns in this fight which helped him win by unanimous .decision 30-27

Abbas Zahiri VS Makhmut Gidaev

Fight starts out fast with both men landing big shots until Gidaev takes it to the ground and mounts. Gidaev was able to implement his game plan and managed to take down his opponent at will due to his wrestling background , pounding him un multiple occasions but unable to finish .less than a minute before the end of the 3rd round Makhmut finished his opponent via ground and pound with 29 sec remaining in the 3rd round.

Gideav devastates his opponent with ground and pound.

Mohammed Naemi vs Alan Uzdenov
This was Uzdenov’s MMA debut , and what a debut that was .As soon as the fight started Naemi rushed Uzdenov and hits him with several knees, but uzdenov managed to take him to the ground finding it hard pin him there, they exchanged blows standing before Naemi got Uzdenov in a tight guillotine choke that made the Russian tap in the first Stanza .

This fight is a brawl!! Khani drops zagirov early and tries a guillotine choke but Zagirov escapes, in the later rounds Zagirov appears to be exhausted (he took the fight on short notice) but he showed great heart. Khani was simply too much for him he won on the score cards

Majid Seddigh vs. Ramazan Mamchuev
A fast take down as the fight starts , Mamchuev goes for a knee bar then switches to footlock but Seddigh escaped, they battle it out on the fence to secure a takedown but the ref stops them due to an illegal blow by Seddigh and the fight is restarted, Mamchuev attempts a slam but leaves his neck exposed in the process and Seddigh latched in a tight guillotine that forced the Russian to tap.

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