Do We Enjoy Violence In MMA?


Men once fought over food, territory, status, and mates — and they watched each other fight to figure out who the best fighters were. Thousands of years later, men can’t just bonk their neighbours over the head with a rock and take what is theirs. But that doesn’t mean some part of the male brain isn’t thinking about it.

“Fighting is hardwired into us, it is a part of who we are,” says David Carrier, a biology professor at the University of Utah.

“We all say we hate violence,” says Gottschall. “But we are still shovelling it in our faces, consuming a huge diet of violent entertainment through movies and video games and sports, and so I think we should just admit it: something in us likes violence.”

Mixed Martial Arts has recently begun to spread dramatically through the world and attract the attention of millions of people. The sports began to emerge in the mid-nineties of the last century, and has seen many changes and amendments, to appear in its current form, which combines Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Boxing, Judo, Karate, Romanian Wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu, and these versatile disciplines have attracted many fans to practice it.

Some practice MMA for fitness, others do it for self-defense, and some do it to feed their inner macho man. Others get into it because they’re attempting to defeat a weakness and timidity inside themselves. These are guys who are in need of a quest and Mixed Martial Arts gives them that quest.

Now what about the people who are just fans? People who enjoy the cage – where fists (housed in small, fingered gloves), unprotected feet and sharp elbows propel bouts of three five-minute rounds towards dramatic, unscripted conclusion. Heads are bashed. Necks are choked. Arms are twisted. Men do get a visceral experience from watching MMA. It is like watching the gladiators, and sometimes it is because they are not fighters themselves.

If you are a practitioner yourself, no matter how manly you are, keep in mind that this bloody sport requires the maximum care to keep your wounds healthy after a fight. Why not choose a sanitizer Body Wash from the wide range of Safeguard, to refresh after the game and stay safe.

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