Does The Point System in PFL Reward Fighter Performance?

Arabs MMA explores how the point system rewards fighters in the PFL.
Jarrah Al Silawi at PFL

The MMA world is yet again witnessing the rise of numerous promotions across the world and closely following the massive success of the UFC is the Professional Fighters League (PFL). The PFL has found immense success following the signing of top fighters in the world including Jarrah Al-Silawi from Jordan. The promotion has its events structured in seasons and stands out for its point system which clearly rewards fighters and makes it easier for fans who know who runs closer to the title scene.

The fighters earn points based on the results of their bouts and the top four fighters with the most points per division will enter the play-off stages for the title. The point system is so clear and follows a similar pattern to FIFA World Cup or other football matches with the fighters earning three points for a win and none for a loss. However, they can earn bonus points if they finish the fight via knockout or stoppage, or submission.

Further, the fighters are rewarded for closing the fight with a finish in round one earning three bonus points, round two earning two, and round three earning one point. No bonus points are awarded for a win via decision.

Currently, Jarrah Al SIlawi is fighting in the PFL like the two other champions from BRAVE Combat Federation including Klidson Abreau and Bubba Jenkins. Al Silawi has two major wins in the promotion and will face Umalatov on 1 July 2022. Previously, Challenger Series contract winner Al Silawi (18-3) defeated the league’s most experienced fighter, Gleison Tibau (37-16).

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