EFC Evolution: Sheiato & Ghrairi Come Home Victorious

A much celebrated card at EFC Evolution was headlined by Mohamed Ali "Felx" Vs Mohamed Abdel Azim


A much celebrated card at EFC Evolution was headlined by Mohamed Ali “Felx” Vs Mohamed Abdel Azim, with Ali dominating the fight and ending it with a TKO in the second. For the first time in Egypt an international fight card took place with Lebanese, Tunisian, Syrians and Morroccan debuting proffesionally under the EFC banner.

Tiger Muay Thai Lebanon had 4 fighters ready to take part of the biggest event to ever hit Egypt last week with Mohammad Sheaito and Yousef Ghrairi heading back home with impressive wins.

Albanna got caught with a vicious high kick and Wehbe’s fight ruled no contest after a controversial ending.

Yousif Ghrairi was hungry to make his professional debut after making his trip from Beirut to Cairo to face Hussein. With Yousef Wehbeh And Yani Kokozaki in his corner, Ghrairi was very technical through all three rounds as the fight went back n forth showcasing striking and ground skills all through the fight.

In the opening seconds of the first round, Hussein surprised Ghrairi with a takedown which was his last for this fight. Ghrairi managed to shut down Hussein’s game plan and keep the fight standing for all three rounds.

Yousef took charge in the second as he controlled the round with his aggressiveness, delivering some fierce ground and pound with Hussein barely surviving in the turtle position.

The third had both fighters gassing out with Ghrairi managing to be on the wining end earning the judges unanimous decision in his professional debut.


Sheiato had a different journey that night. First round had Ahmad Sharaf Egyptian K1 champion go to to toe with Shaeito as the round started with some serious blows coming from both sides, with Sheiato on the receiving end of the most damage. Sheiwto managed to mount Sharaf as the first round ended.

As the second round started Sharaf managed to land a big elbow which opened up Sheito’s face. EFC doctors wanted to mark the end, but Sheiato insisted on going on no matter what. Seconds after that Sheiato managed to sink in an impressive Kimura to end the fight.

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