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EFC Fight Night 21 & 22 Fight Card + Results


Egyptian Fighting Championship is back with a special event EFC 21|22. The event will take place on Thursday December 3 in Madinat AlNasr, Cairo.

Fight Card


1- Abdallah Mohamed Vs Ahmed Nour 77kg, Abdallah Mohamed By TKO 1R
2- Eslam Kamal Vs Abdel LAtif Gamal 61kg, Eslam Kamal By DEC 3R
3- Mostafa Gamal Vs Eslam Mohamed 66Kg, Mostafa Gamal By DEC 3R
4- Mohamed Hussin Vs MOhamed Essam 84kg, Mohamed Hussin By DEC 3R
5- Karim EL Deisl Vs Amir Esmail 100+, Amir Esmail By DEC 3R


1- Hassan mohamed Vs Eslam Abdel Naser, Eslam Abdel Naser By SUB 1R
2- Omar Emad Vs Mohamed Ali, Omar Emad By TKO 2R
3- Mahmoud Mohareb VS Abdel Rahman Magdi, Abdel Rahman Magdi by DEC 3R
4- Mohamed Hassan Hefny VS Yehia Gharib, Yehia Gharib by DEC 3R
5- Ahmed hussin Vs Eslam EL Bambi, Eslam EL Bambi by SUB 1R
6- Fahed Abdel Rahman VS Mohamed Ebrahim, Fahed Abdel Rahman by SUB 1R
7- Amr Omara VS Mahmoud Adel, Mahmoud Adel by DEC 3R
8- Moataz El DAmasy VS Mahmoud Mando, Mahmoud Mando By TKO 1R
9- Hassan Hemdan VS Hassan Dosha, Hassan Dosha by DEC 3R
10- Yassmin Ebrahim VS Mona samir, Mona samir By AMRICANA SUB
11- Medhat Hussin VS AHmed Khalil, Medhat Hussin by TKO 1R
12- Ebrahim Hamouda VS Ahmed Sharaf, Ebrahim Hamouda By SUB 1R
13- Mohamed El Sharif VS Eslam Sayed, Eslam Sayed by ARMBAR 1R
14- Karim Wagih VS MAhmoud Hefny, Karim Wagih BY TKO 1R
15- Mahmoud Abdel RAzak VS Ramadan Noaaman, Ramadan Noaaman by DEC 3R
16- Khaled Hiro VS Hamada Tantawy, Hamada Tantawy by KO 1R
17- Ali Moftah VS Sami Amin, Sami Amin By DEC 3R
18- RAmadan EL WAHSH VS Mahmoud Salama, Mahmoud Salama By KO 1R
19- Raafat SAmir VS Abel Fatah Toha, DRAW
20- Naser El Copersly VS Abdel Rahman Emam, Naser El Copersly KO 1R
21- Ahmed Amir VS Amr Wahman, Ahmed Amir by by SUB 3R
22- Hassan EL Soghir VS Mohamed Abdel Hamid, Mohamed Abdel Hamid By ARMBAR 1R

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