EFC: Mahmoud Salama Devastates The Younger Khattab


EFC Evolution fight night which took place Friday March 27 at Nasser Sports City was impressive on more than one level! Impressive organization followed by glorious finishes in the land of the pharoas.

Fast forwarding to the co-main event. A remarkable stand up applause welcomed Alaa Khatab as he made his walk to the EFC Cage for a much anticipated fight, and an even more exceptional salutation from the Egyptian crowd when Salama made his appearance.

Cheers, jeers, and calls echoed through the halls of Nasr indoor stadium, yet when the fight started it was all silent.

Salama was the first to engage with a light jab following up with a low kick as Alaa pranced for the takedown early in the first round landing in half guard. Salama managed to better his position and deliver some ground and pound opening up Alaa’s face early in the first round.

Alaa seemed dazed as he circulated away from danger and tried to take the fight to the ground. Salama managed to shut him down delivering some vicious elbows and knees from side mount before dropping a flurry of punches to a turtuled Khatab ending the fight by TKO at the end of the first Stanza.

Salama managed to break his 3 fight losing streak against the much younger Alaa Khattab. Khattab adds another loss to his weak record against a much more experienced Mahmoud Salama in this Co main event of EFC.

Check out the full fight night results here. Stay tuned for fight videos only on

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