Effectiveness of BJJ in MMA

Its really difficult to talk about MMA/UFC/Desert Force and so on, without first mentioning the words Gracie Family and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. If you were born before the mid 80’s you should be familiar with the history of MMA (or back then No Holds Barred).

Effectivness of BJJ IN MMA
In this picture ,Kuwait Gracie Barra Black Belt Youssef “Octopus” Alhamad submitting Mallick “Rato” Quraan
(via Armbar) in the Semi Finals at Desert Force Round 3

The worlds most predominant MMA organization was created on the theory that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can defeat any other traditional or untraditional Martial Art. The success of that? We don’t even need to go down that lane. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu proved to the world that you don’t need the fancy acrobatic hollywood jumps, kicks and blows to beat someone. It also taught us that you don’t need to be genetically superior (muscle head) or having the physique of the “Hulk” to be able to dominate and submit someone. In fact, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu proved exactly the opposite. A 70kg skinny, fragile man, is able to dominate and destroy an opponent who is 120kg and much more physically superior; all this with his back on the ground.

Wait, what did you say??!! The Guard!! Known in its mother language (Japanese) as the “Gentle Art”, BJJ gives its practitioner to fight off his back while defending, controlling and finally submitting his opponent regardless of his size or strength! If we look back at recent history, Desert Force I had the same philosophy. Style Vs. Style is a great way to prove the essence and effectiveness of a combat sport. Today it has become clear to us, that if you don’t have your ground game sharp, there is no place for you in the cage. So get your Gi on, and see you on the Mat!!

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