Erik Carlsson Vs Jarrah Al Silawi Set For Brave 2: Dynasty


Erik Carlsson (5-1) Vs Jarrah “Ziad” Hussein Al Silawi (7-2) set for Brave 2

Brave have further bolstered their fight card in December, and have made an exciting addition in Jarrah Al Silawi. Erik Carlsson Vs Jarrah Al Silawi will take pace at Brave 2: Dynasty, on the 2nd of December, 2016.

Jarrah “The Jordanian Lion” Al Silawi has been a dominant welterweight in Desert Force. But now, he will be looking to do the same at Brave. This capture is nothing but thrilling to CEO Mohammed Shahid and his team! He’s both tough, entertaining and highly skilled in mixed martial arts. So far in his professional career, he has shown versatility in every fight and proven himself a very well-rounded fighter with excellent stand-up and lethal moves on the ground. No one could underestimate his Jiu-Jitsu as he’s proven himself time and time again, particularly his execution of the Kimura which he used to finish Mohammed Fakhreddine and Rami Hamed. The latter was his most recent fight and he sunk in the deadly submission after just 1:30 of the first round – clinical.

He’s also good at dealing with adversity as he showed in his tough match against Artem Reznikov at Desert Force 22, where he was subdued on the ground for a lot of the fight but got up, came at his opponent with a flying knee and almost finished him with a vicious flurry of shots. He won four out of five in Desert Force and he’s capable of finishing the fight on the feet, and on the ground. His style and fighting spirit will make him a huge draw in Brave.

While Silawi was making a name for himself in Desert Force, his Viking opponent has become a prominent fighter in The Zone FC, in his home town Gothenburg. He has won five out of his six professional fights, and has naturally become a very popular fighter in Sweden. This will be Carlsson’s first venture outside his home. Yet, he comes armed with some dangerous weapons. Namely his arms which he likes wrapping around the necks of his foes to choke them.

He has sunk in three chokes and is in his element when he gains top position. Erik Carlsson is very adept at finding the submission finish and especially that neck. He can grapple and grind on the feet as well, and even though he prefers to take his opponents down. He also proved he can bang! In his last fight, Carlsson has dismantled his opponent, Mohammed Naemi, with his fists right in the first round. Carlsson represents another attempt by KHKMMA to reach out to different parts of the world and globalize its Bahrain-based promotion.

Al Silawi and Carlsson are two fighters, high on confidence, with excellent MMA records. The two will have a career crossroads clash in Bahrain for Brave 2: Dynasty on December 2nd.

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