Ezzeldine Al Derbane Steps In To Face Hamza Al Kooheji For Interim Title

Ezzedine Al Derbane


Today (March 12, 2016), it was announced that featherweight champion Aziz Julaidan would be forced out of his scheduled main event title fight with Bahraini opponent Hamza Al Kooheji.

It was then quickly made clear that contender Ezzeldine Al Derbane would step up on short notice to take on Hamza Al Kooheji for the interim featherweight title.

Ezzeldine Al Derbane is coming off a recent victory against Hussein Salem at Desert Force 20 which took place in Dubai this past January. In his post-fight interview, Al Derbane called out the champ Aziz Julaidan, insisting that he wants to fight for the title.

With the title not being up for grabs at the Desert Force 21 event scheduled for this Monday March 14, Al Kooheji will now have to take on Al Derbane before he meets the champ again.

Stay tuned to as more details unfold.

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