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Fakhreddine, Hajjajy, Selwady, Arkhagha, and Karaki Sound Off On Desert Force 12!

Yousef Nassar caught up with four of the Desert Force champions and got their opinions and predictions for the upcoming fight card!


Yousef Nassar caught up with four of the Desert Force champions and got their opinions and predictions for the upcoming fight card!

On the fight card:

“This fight card for me is by far the best in Desert Force.  You have so many good fights and some new upcoming guys that look very promising” – Mohammad Fakhreddine

“Its one hell of a tough card” – Mohammad Karaki

“This fight card is so interesting. Desert Force are having amazing fight cards recently” – Hashem Arkhagha

Predictions for the main event:

“Man it’s a tough one honestly. I have to pick Haider based on experience and since he is the better grappler, but you can never count out Tarek. The guys has crazy heart and has a way of turning things around” – Mohammad Fakhreddine

“Haider will clearly be looking to take Tarek down and beat him up a bit and dominate him positionally as he looks to either pass guard or advance to a position where he can attack with a submission hold. Tarek will try to knock Haider out on the feet and offer as much resistance as possible to Haider’s takedowns. If he can wear Haider down, make him work extra hard for every takedown, he could overwhelm the champion in later rounds” Aniss Hajjay

“I think its early for Tareq to shoot for the title. He is not ready to beat Haider” – Hashem Arkhagha

“Tarek and Haider is going to be a brawl! But I think Haider will take it to the ground and finish it via armbar” – Mohammad Karaki

Predictions for the co-main event:

“I think if Ghorabi’s opponent can put him on his back that will be their only chance, but hey that’s the problem… you cant put this beast on his back. Standing Ghorabi is the most dangerous fighter out there. So I tend to think it will be a Ghorabi 1st round TKO” – Abdulkareem Al-Selwady

“Ghorabi vs Bechir / Ghorabi will want to keep this fight standing and work his stellar striking where he’ll have a technical edge as well as a power advantage. Bechir might stand for a bit, but he will most certainly want to get this fight to the ground. Ghorabi does not have a big wrestling edge so that may be an issue for him in to defend Bechir takedowns. this fight going to be war. I will opt for a Bechir TKO” – Aniss Hajjajy

Bechir and Ghorabi is open for all possibilities. Bechir is so well rounded and Ghorabi so explosive” – Hashem Arkhagha

“Its an even matchup for Ghorabi, but there is no doubt in mind that Ghorabi will snatch the win” – Mohammad Fakhreddine

“Bechir is a friend of mine and I know he is one of the best fighters in DFC, but Ghorabi is special with his power and I think he will defeat him in the cage” – Mohammad Karaki

Thoughts on the other fights:

“I’m interesting in seeing Jarjis ! Lets see what the heavyweights can do this event. Are they going to give us the action and knockout power we all want or will they be as boring as their fight in Bahrain” – Abdulkareem Al-Selwady

“Watch out for Hani Chehimi guys. He is my team mate, but apart from that I know this guy is a motherf#$%ing tank! He will pound Jalal very badly!” – Mohammad Karaki

“Hashem and I will be cornering Saif Quandour from Jordan, we have been working a lot on him and inshallah he gets the win that night” – Abdulkareem Al-Selwady

“You will see a new talent with explosive hands and a good heart in Saif Quandour. Its his debut and he will be facing Ahmed Saeb who was part of my team on Academia. Ahmed is a friend but I have to be on Saif’s side since weve been training together for 4 years. He’s always been my sparring partner, now my student, it will be his 1st win by KO” – Hashem Arkhagha


“Its up to Desert Force. But if they asked me to try and unify the title belts at 77 and 70 I would be more than ready” – Aniss Hajjajy

“Man I gotta fight again soon! Bring Mo Mirza how about that? Mirza vs Karaki in a main event hahahaha. I hope he is getting back to his BJJ roots. That way he wont make excuses if I bite him” – Mohammad Karaki

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