Fakhreddine Hints Brave Title Fight; Manager Confirms


It seems to be a prominent possibility that Mohammad Fakhreddine will be fighting for the title in the next Brave event in Brazil.

The Brave Combat Federation welterweight has recently dropped a social media post mentioning he is off to a training camp and will be “bringing the title soon!”

The post came right after the promotion announced heading back to Brazil with a probable title fight.

No official announcement has been released yet by the promotion, but evidently, this has not stopped Fakhreddine from believing that he might be soon hoisting the belt.

ArabsMMA has reached out to Fakhreddine’s manager, Louai Kiblawi, to get more information on the matter. Kiblawi said that Fakhreddine will fight for the title in August, even though he restrained from revealing who the opponent will be.

Louai Kiblawi:

“I will leave it for the promotion to announce the match up, it’s their job, we just get the call and do our part of the job. Fakhreddine will be fighting for the belt.”

With all the welterweight call outs spreading throughout the division and rumors around a 4-man tournament, the needle has been lost in the hay. Fakhreddine had initially called out Carl Booth for the title post-Brave 2.

Yet many more summons happened as different events unfolded.

At Brave 6, one of the promotion’s biggest fights ever was booked between Mohammad Fakhreddine and Leonardo Mafra, before some unfortunate weigh-in occurances lead to a last minute cancellation.

In the aftermath, Fakhreddine taunted Mafra, calling him a “coward”.

Meanwhile, Brazil resident and Brave fighter Carlston Harris has recently expressed his willingness welcome Mohammad Fakhreddine in Brazil.

Who knows who the opponent will be, promotions would rather keep the suspense rolling and keep fans in ever growing excitement!

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