Fakhreddine: Lazzez is Tough As Nails But I Can Beat Him

This fight got all the crowd going!


This fight has got the crowd going! I haven’t seen such an excitment since Fakhreddine was set to face Hashem Arkhagha in a middleweight bout that never came to fruitition. But Lazzez Vs fakhreddine seems to be eclipsing the anticipation for Desert Force 13!

Fakhreddine started his Desert Force career as a middleweight and will be looking to maintain his undefeated record standing at 3-0 after recently deciding to drop to welterweight. A very daring, yet risky move that could possibly either slightly dent, or ignite his career.

“My weight is coming off by itself just by eating clean, almost on weight at 80 Kg so this is not going to be a problem.”

Fakhreddine’s fight against Arkhagha before dropping to welterweight would have crowned one champion, yet it seems like this wasn’t what really mattered to Mohammed.

“To me fighting is not about the title, it’s about making good fights and putting a great show for the fans. It’s always been like this to me, and this is what got me where I am. So lazzez, let’s entertain 😉 !!”

Desert Force matchmaker Yousser Nassar is a genius for making this fight happen! Two knuckle heads with only one thing on their minds: Finishing fights. Lazzez a KO artist and Fakhreddine, well Fakhreddine is Fakhreddine!

“I think Lazzez is tough as nails, but I know I can beat him. It’s not going to be easy. He’s dangerous but I will make it happen no doubt.”

This fight could only mean one thing, with Lazzez being the number one contender, and Fakhreddine abandoning his interim title to drop weight, The winner from this fight could possibly face the winner from Hajjajy Vs Ghorabi! But what if Ghorabi wins the title ?!!

“Ghorabi has always been like brother to me. I know alot of people would like to see this fight happen in the future, but I wana spoil it for everyone. This fight won’t happen at least not from my side.”

Stay tuned on ArabsMMA for the latest on Fakhreddine Vs Lazzez!

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