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Fakhreddine Represents More Than Lebanon at Brave CF 41

Mohammed Fakhreddine

Mohammed “The Latest” Fakhreddine (13-4-0, 1 NC) has one among the most iconic professional careers when it comes to Mixed Martial Arts in the Middle East. The veteran from Lebanon will step into the cage for BRAVE Combat Federation for the ninth time.

The 36-year-old has competed in every major promotion in the region over the past 8 years. He was initially designated to headline the main event of the inaugural edition of BRAVE CF in 2016. Fakhreddine was the first choice as a contender for the inaugural welterweight championship title at BRAVE CF 8 at Curitiba, Brazil in 2018.

Fakhreddine will face the Middleweight Champion, Daniel “Gaucho” Pereira (9-2-0) for the title. Pereira is on a five-fight win streak and trains at the CM System, Brazil. He has stopped the South African Middleweight, Chad Hanekom to ascend to the top of the Middleweight division of the Bahrain based MMA promotion.

Mohammed Fakhreddine, Ashraf Shishani, Frankie Edgar, and Tarek Suleiman (Left to right)

The shot at the championship title is another milestone in the iconic career of Fakhreddine who is the face of Mixed Martial Arts in Lebanon. The sport and athletes in Lebanon are bearing the brunt of COVID-19 alongside adverse economic conditions and calamities which has embraced the nation. A title win by the Lebanese star can boost the morale of athletes from the region as the nation is backing its veteran warrior.

Ultimately, the championship reign by an accomplished athlete like Mohammed Fakhreddine will benefit the BRAVE Combat Federation by adding legitimacy for the world championship title. The current champion has the least fans in the region and was barely noticed in the division.

Despite his 5-fight win streak, Pereira has not competed in a major promotion. He has competed only twice at BRAVE CF compared to the overshadowing presence of Fakhreddine. In an attempt to get noticed by fight fans in the Middle East, Pereira insulted Fakhreddine and the combat sports legacy of Lebanon over a comment which he ensured to get circulated through a Press Release.

Pereira screams at opponent before a fight

I respect him a lot, he’s indeed a legend of MMA in the Arab world. He’s a great fighter and all, and I respect his history. But his time is coming up, it’s getting to be the time for him to retire and I’m going to retire him. I like his fighting style, he goes for brawls as well, he has very heavy leg kicks, but I’m confident in my training, and in the plan, we made to neutralize his weapons. I’m going to keep this belt for a long time.

Daniel “Gaucho” Pereira

Pereira claimed that he is capable of retiring the veteran from Lebanon. At a time when Lebanese athletes are overcoming obstacles to represent the nation, to retire one among the key figures in Lebanese MMA is a serious insult. This entire context adds that the fight is between the veteran from Lebanon and Pereira.

A loss cannot erase the legacy created by Mohammed Fakhreddine in the Arab world. However, if Pereira could not deliver the promise as he claimed, it is certain that he is an unworthy champion who is devaluating the prestige of the world championship title.

BRAVE CF 41 will take place on September 17, in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The event opens up a series of three consecutive fight cards labeled as “Kombat Kingdom”.

Full Fight card: BRAVE CF 41
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