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Fakhreddine, Shishani and Kooheji Talk Fighter Pay, PED’s and more


The Bahrain Fighter Podcast hosted by Yousef Al Kooheji focuses on the rapidly evolving sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Yousef, an integral part of the KHK MMA Team and the Bahrain national team crew, brings a unique perspective to the podcast, enriched by his close association with the sport and his experience as the brother of renowned MMA fighter Hamza Al Kooheji.

This connection to the heart of MMA in the Middle East lends authenticity and depth to the discussions on the podcast.

Fakhreddine, Shishani and Kooheji Talk Fighter Pay, PED’s and more

In a recent episode, Yousef navigates through a range of compelling topics with two distinguished guests. Mohamed Fakhreddine and Ashraf Shishani. Fakhreddine, a Brave CF double-weight champion, is not only one of the first Arab MMA stars but also among the most decorated. His journey in MMA is marked by significant achievements and challenges. He offers invaluable insights for listeners, ranging from aspiring fighters to seasoned enthusiasts. Fakhreddine’s experiences in the cage and his journey to becoming a champion provide a rich backdrop for discussions on the sport’s intricacies and the dedication required to excel.

Ashraf Shishani, a renowned Jordanian MMA coach known for his bold, straightforward style, adds another layer of expertise to the podcast. Shishani’s experience in coaching and cornering a wide selection of athletes, including Fakhreddine, allows for an in-depth exploration into the essentials of MMA. His reputation for being direct and unequivocal brings a refreshing honesty to the podcast, offering listeners a no-holds-barred view into the world of professional MMA coaching.

Key topics discussed include the comparative benefits of boxing versus wrestling for MMA beginners. This debate delves into the foundational skills each discipline offers and how they can be effectively integrated into an MMA context. Additionally, the podcast sheds light on the value of professional contracts in MMA, an often overlooked yet vital aspect of the sport. Understanding the business side of MMA is crucial for aspiring professionals, and this discussion provides much-needed clarity.

The challenges faced by fighters like Mohammad Fakhreddine are also a focal point. Such discussions are not just about the struggles within the cage but also encompass the mental, emotional, and physical hurdles that fighters must overcome.

Overall, Yousef Al Kooheji’s podcast offers a blend of fun insights, personal experiences, and in-depth discussions on various aspects of MMA. It serves as a valuable resource for anyone interested in understanding and appreciating the multifaceted world of mixed martial arts, especially in the Middle East.

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