Fans Gunning for A Rematch Between El Rayyis & Tareq Hamdi


Earlier this year, Desert Force President Mohammad Mirza wouldn’t discuss or speculate on a possible rematch between the Desert Force “Al Academiya” lightweight finalists. But it appears that everyone want this to happen!

During a Post-Desert Force media scrum, Mirza was asked about a possible rematch to set the record straight. Mirza was tight-lipped and said that this fight had its ups ‘n downs, and he will work something out to handle the situation.

So here it is again! Elie El Rayyis being illegally headbutted then bit in his final fight VS Tareq Hamde getting penalized and then submitting his opponent with an armbar.

I personally believed El Rayyis was going to win by a late TKO, but let’s face it, Hamdeh proved everyone wrong this time. The fight ended Via armbar and the roar of the audience made clear that they were pleased.

After watching this fight, it’s evident that Tareq Hamdeh is no George St. Pierre, but he still managed to submit one of the best lightweights in Desert Force. Maybe El Rayyis should work more on his grappling. Perhaps he underestimated Hamdeh.

Do the readers believe Elias El Rayyis will ask for a rematch?

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  • to be completely honest… both should not be in desert force. Eli can only do stand up and never won againt bander, tareq in the other hand is confused

  • I do not think that a rematch would be a good fight for the following reasons:
    1) Tareq came to the fight with one thing on his mind doing an armbar.
    2) Beside the armbar attempts Tareq didn’t show any skills whatsoever.
    3) Elie is a very good stand up fighter and i have no idea why he took the fight to the ground.
    4) If Tareq Hamdi did the same stuff that he did in the previous fight then i do not want to see another fight for him.
    5) I think its better for Elie to focus on being the number one contender through fighting other fighters in his very thin division rather than focusing on one fighter.
    Best of luck for both fighters

  • @omar – good poins. I dont think anyone wants to see this fight again…

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