Felx: Kalejaiye is tough, I will find his weak Spot!

Mohammed Ali, AKA “Felx”, is arguably one of the pioneers of MMA in the Arab World. One of the first to compete on the international scene, the fighter has a 5-4-0 record and has fought in Jordan, Beirut, and Romania. He will soon be adding Kuwait to that list where he is due to face Ayodeji Kalejaiye “Mad Dog” in the upcoming CageFighters Promotion.

Some of you might remember Ayodeji, who fights out of the Angelo Gym in Enschede in Holland, from his epic war of a fight against Sami Antar. Ayodeji will not only have an 8cm advantage over Felix, but he also is coming off of a loss most recently. The tricky part? Ayodeji has so far always won a fight if he lost in his previous bout.

Felix won 3 out of his last 4 fights and will be looking to add another W to his record. Known for his tremendous punching power and aggressiveness, he has so far managed to always outfight his taller opponents and close the distance before unleashing his barrage of dirty boxing.

This one is definitely not going to the judges!

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