FGB Arena Hosts Abu Dhabi Warriors in March


FGB Arena – After hosting WPJJC 2014 and a handful of Jiujitsu events , FGB Arena opened its doors to Desert Force Championship and now Abu Dhabi Warriors to benefit from its professional structure.

Zayed Sports City, Abu Dhabi, is a well designed arena were Abu Dhabi Warriors 2 will take place witnessing over 4,000 spectators. This modern facility for sport, entertainment, corporate and social events is truly a multi purposed venue that has strong connections with UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation and AD Warriors.

A world professional Jiu-Jitsu championship was held at Zayed sports arena a year ago and an IPIC judo grand slam as well, and never the less Abu Dhabi warriors 2 event will also take place this year in Zayed sports city.

After securing the best venue for the event, all pieces are coming together and many surprises are yet to come. Abu Dhabi Warriors are returning in style and with a fight card filled with talents, you have never seen before.

Stay tuned!!!!!

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