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Fighters Express Grave Concern About the Tragic Events in Gaza

Mohamad Ghorabi, Rami Aziz, Hashem Arkhagha, Khalid Ismail, Thabet Agha, and Abdulkareem al selwady took it to express their concern on what's happening in palestine

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The dreadful situation in Gaza has awakened the world as a whole. Mohamad Ghorabi, Rami Aziz, Hashem Arkhagha, Khalid Ismail, Thabet Agha, and Abdulkareem al selwady took it to ArabsMMA to express their grave concern about the unfolding tragic events in Gaza which are resulting in injury and loss of life to civilians, including women and children and destruction of infrastructure.

Mohamad Ghorabi:

This issue has gone beyond Palestine, this has become a worldwide concern about rights and humanity. A people whose land is occupied and whose children are killed everyday. Everyone is witnessing the crimes happening in Gaza killing innocent women, children, and elderly while the world is busy defending women’s rights and children’s rights. God be with you people of Palestine.

Rami Aziz:

I’m sorry, I’m disappointed in humanity. How can some people have the heart to kill children. How did the human kind reach this level. Allah be with the people of Palestine.

Hashem Arkhagha:

We Arabs must stand together stronger. But unfortunately it’s not as it should be.
No man needs to die, and no one should be forced to move from their home.
Gaza has real men , what they’re doing has to be an example for all Arabs , they just ain’t afraid to die, and Al Qassam was capable of doing what Arab Armies couldn’t do. Arab presidents are clowns, it’s funny how they don’t have the minimum of honor and pride.

Khalid Ismail:

I was recently asked how come I am posting so much on Palestine & other situations. My answer is simple why be known if you are not going to speak up for the unjust. I speak up for the oppressed against the oppressor. When God has given u a platform USE IT. I will be ashamed to stand on that day and said I did nothing. The least I can do is make people aware.

With all our democracy living in the free world I would like to apologize to the people, CHILDREN, MOTHERS, GRANDMOTHERS of Palestine, Syria, Burma and all the countries that are being oppressed I’m sorry! We truly have let you down.

Thabet Agha:

What’s happening in Palestine is very disappointing specially that we are in the holy month of Ramadan and killing is taking place everywhere from Palestine, to Syria, and to Iraq. We are deeply praying for God to save us from these oppressors.

Abdulkareem Al Selwady:

I respect the comebacks that the Palestinians ar doing to the cowardly oppressors. The Palestinians didn’t have anything but rocks, they are now building and making their own weapons so they can protect their land. I see that they are gaining momentum and having the upper hand now. It’s killing to just sit back here and watch, but I’m sure that it would be helpful to make the world aware of what’s happening to our brothers and sisters as much as we can. Spread the word everyone! #freepalestine

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