Fights We’d Like to See – Featherweight Division

We have had several featherweight fighters impress over the last 18 months and some truly memorable fights. Imagine though if we were to pit a Kareteka with a strong Muay Thai background against a Capoerista with very heavy hands and a fierce ground and pound game? The one fight we would like to see at this weight category is Mallick Quran vs. Najmeddin Al Hadad.

Although Mallick lost his most recent fight at DFC, he will be raring to get back into the octagon and add another W to his record. A fight against a former K1 Champion with over 20 kickboxing and muay thai bouts would most likely appeal to the capoerista. Hadad thus far only had 1 MMA fight at Dubai FC 2, winning by way of submission and would welcome the opportunity to prove himself to the MMA community.

This fight would have it all, Hadads’ lightning fast kicks would come up against the unorthodox striking of Mallick whom one would assume would have the advantage on the ground due to his immense strength. To make use of his fierce ground and pound though he would have to close the distance and get in their and force the takedown. This would guarantee fireworks!

Let us hear your voice! Add a comment on this article mentioning which fight would you like to see at featherweight?

Abdul-Kareem Al Selwady
Yousef Al Hammad
Mallick Quraan
Ahmad Ansari
Aziz Julaidan
Amr Abdel Malek
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