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FINAL SCORE : (3-0) Team Nogueira Dubai vs. London Shoot Fighters At Phoenix 4

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One of the key aspects that creates a successful MMA fighter is the training and preparation received by his or her team. That being said, it is understandable that Mixed Martial Artists competing inside the cage are an extension of their respective teams which they represent. A victory for the fighter is also a victory for the entire team who has often cared, pushed and sacrificed in order to support the fighters in their journey to what they hope will be a successful outcome on fight night.

Phoenix Fighting Championship ended 2017 with “Phoenix 4 Dubai” which welcomed 15 MMA bouts with fighters competing from all around the world inside the cage. Two teams had a particularly noticeable presence at the event and their fighters faced each other on more than one occasion.


Team Nogueira Dubai fighters Anas Siraj Mounir, Mehdi Ramezani and Moise Rimbon went toe to toe with London Shoot Fighters Alfie Davis, Ahmad Labban and Pavel Doroftei respectively. With two of the fights going the distance, the case of Anas Siraj Mounir and Mehdi Ramezani and one fight ending via a 4th round submission in favor of Moise Rimbon that resulted in Rimbon being crowned as the first ever Phoenix FC light-heavyweight champion, Team Nogueira Dubai was able to perform a Mixed Martial Arts hat-trick, scoring a 3-0 against the top level and highly successful London Shoot Fighters MMA team.

There’s no doubt that both Team Nogueira Dubai and London Shoot Fighters are renowned and respectable teams who have some of the best fighters in the world, never failing to deliver the technical aspect of MMA while putting on an entertaining show at the same time. However, now that we at ArabsMMA have brought this subject up, London Shoot Fighters will definitely be looking to even the score in the next Phoenix Fighting Championship event if any of their fighters were to go head to head against an opponent from Team Nogueira Dubai.

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