First Blood

The Beirut Elite Fighting Championship is hosting its first event at the Movenpick Hotel. First Blood will host eight Lebanese and International fighters against each other in fights that will leave you breathless.

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تقيم ب.ا.ف.س أول حدث في فندق موفنبيك لبنان. وسوف تستضيف ثمانية مقاتلين لبنانيين دوليين ضد بعضهم البعض في معارك قاطعة للأنفاس

تباع التذاكر في مكاتب فيرجن ميجاستور

First Blood

Mr. Ryan Chiappe will no longer be fighting in “First Blood” main event due to an injury from heavy training and preparation. The undefeated fighter from Denver Colorado named Kris Hocum will take his place.

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