Four Heavyweights To Hit KSA’ s Desert Force on December 15 !

Desert Force 14 might hold most of its excitement in its 3 title fights along with Al Academiya season 2 finales.


Desert Force 14 might hold most of its excitement in its 3 title fights along with Al Academiya season 2 finales. Yet fight fans who love heavy hitters are in for a good treat as Desert Force heads to Saudi Arabia on December 15, 2014.

Throughout 13 Desert Force events, we had the pleasure to witness champions being crowned across all divisions, except for one! The worlds most exciting division: the heavy weight division.

Desert Force 12 witnessed two heavy weight match ups and the results were as expected. Big hits and fights ending early in the opening round! The promotion’s 14th installment will bring two other fights in this division, but I bet predicting these is not an easy task.

Four humongous fighters with even larger and stronger fists will be competing head to head for a chance to be the next title contenders.

The first bout pits Jordanian new comer, Yousef Abu Shreekh (3-1) Versus the Syrian fighter Jarjis “Danho” in what promises to be the fastest fight of this night.

Anyone who saw those guys in the cage will surely remember them! They are here and they mean business. Abu Shreekh, being the new comer to the promotion, will look to finish this fight fast and prove himself as a power house in the heavyweight division.

A win over the dominant Danho will directly earn him respect in this division. On the other hand, if Jarjis grinds his way through Abu Shreekh and comes out victorious in this one, he would most probably earn his title shot and face Mark Tanios in his next fight.

Abu Shreek’s right over hook vs Danho’s leathal skills. This fight has the potential to change it all!

Another heavyweight newcomer is Jawad Lhaymer from Morocco who will be facing Amine Nachib from Tunis. Lhaymer made his debut at Kuwait’s GFC, knocking out the Kuwaiti golden boy Abdul Rahman Tyson and he surely did it with style, earning him the promotion’s belt. He now will face Amien Nachib who will be looking for a comeback after his latest loss to Mohammad Abdelkareem at Desert Force Grand Prix Finals.

A striker Vs striker on this one as Lhaymer comes from a Muay Thai back ground And Amine is a Karate black belt.

This fight might not be on the main card but I can promise you that kicks will be landing in bunches when these two enter the Desert Force cage.

The Big Boys Are Coming To KSA, be sure to watch out for them!

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  • I do believe most of them should not play mma

    e.g. watch Jawad’s fight in GFC with Tyson .. it was totally crap, their ground game and wrestling is ZERO !! on the other hand, Danho is too slow and did a lot technical mistakes, agree that he has heavy hand but he has a lot gaps need to be covered.

    Good luck for all of them and I hope to be wrong in what I wrote above and I wish them to improve.

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