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G.F.C “Legacy” – Main Event Cancelled After A Huge Brawl In Kuwait!!!

Sometimes when a good card at a local venue is just not enough, fans will resort to replicating their own MMA matches at their earliest convenience. A wild and unnecessary crowd fight happened in Kuwait yesterday night at the GFC- Gladiator Fighting Championship “Legacy” which seemed to have erupted after Mohammed Al-Deie brutally KO’ed Jarah Al-Fadli (Title Holder)!

It seems that Al-Fadli friends and fans were not happy with the outcome AND THEN IT STARTED RAINING CHAIRS!!!!!!and More!!!It all started when the loser woke up after being KO’ed and attacked the winner with a disgusting kick to the body after the fight was done! Al-Deie’s corner defended their fighter after this attack as the other corner retaliated in return. Friends from both sides came through the crowd and the brawl escalated!! Security was no where to be found as the crowd insanely starts jumping inside the cage!

After the place was almost torn apart and people severely injured, the Cops show up and the event was cancelled with only the Main event remaining!!

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  • Subhanallah … This is what u get when u try to copy the Americans… Shame on the Arabs the Muslims its really sad to see things like this, our Brothers and Sisters been tortured every when u are so strong go there to help …

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