JJ Ambrose Promises To Finish Ahmed Again


GFC 6 main event, the most talked about fight this month pitting Ahmed “The Meteor” Ibrahim Vs JJ “Superman” Ambrose in a third and final match up in which we can only be certain of one thing: Ambrose won’t let go of his beloved belt so easily.

This trilogy roots back to September 2012 during GFC’s first official event, titled Gladiator Fighting Championship 1 where Ahmad squared off the renowned MMA and Jujitsu specialist, the American Ray Elbe.

Both fighters have been getting ready for this fight for a while now, so this is no walk in the park for any of the two. They have been focusing on solely on each other which makes this fight even more interesting. One full year, maybe the most time two fighters had to get ready for a fight.

JJ ambrose will be visiting Kuwait for the third time but he is no stranger to the gulf anymore. This is his third visit, and more than any time, seems dedicated and fully into winning and defending his belt right now.

I’m ready to finish it. I’m better now, and I don’t think Ahmed will be able to stop me from doing what I want to do. Better training camp in California with Guerilla BJJ and Unlimited MMA, and things are going my way. I heard that Ahmed is training with a new team also. Him training with Braga will not change what the outcome of this fight. I believe in my fighting ability and will finish him the same as last time.

Ahmad Ibrahim will face an overconfident JJ this time with a clear goal: Defend the belt and be on the winning side of this historical Trilogy at Gladiatiors fighting championship in Kuwait .

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