Gladiators Fighting Championship – GFC 6 Preview, Fight Card Lineup


Gladiators Fighting Championship 6 is back once again to entertain the local Kuwaiti crowd with some top of the notch MMA. This edition will feature a trilogy title match between curreny Champion JJ Ambrose and the fan favorite challenger, Ahmed Ibrahim who looks to regain his glory. MMA veteran Chase Gormley will look to jump back and add a “W” to his career against the younger more atheltic Tunisian grappling standout Abdelmenem Abdouli colliding in the the Co-Main event.

GFC 6 takes place on the 30th of May at the Arab Club Khatib Arena.

The first fight in the Bantamweight division (61.0 kg) will feature Ali Chahine from Lebanon against Adel Amin from Iran.

The second fight will feature 2 undefeated fighters at Lightweight (70 kg) pitting Nasser Al Anezii who made his debut at GFC 5 and won against Suhaib Khader. He will face the Tunisian Ahmed AlGalaoui who plans to upset the local crowd.

One of the major fights, the featherweights at 66 kg will be between Jalal Deaja a Jordanian with a (4-0) win history against the American Jason Carbajal who looks to end his losing streak and add a 6th submission victory to his (5-3) record.

Jalal comes from Team Source, one of the most popular MMA teams in the Jordan with names such as Jarrah Al Selawy, Yazan Janeb who train under Black belt Samy Al Jamal one of very few Arab Jiu Jitsu black belts.

As for the Welterweight title fights at 77 kg, Abdulla Alharji the Kuwaiti that won in GFC 4 and what an entertaining win it was, with loads of capabilities as well as immense popularity within Kuwait and the region will fight the Jordanian also hailing from Team Source Faris Khaled Alkhatib. Alkhatib has a history of 1 fight and zero losses.

At the 81 kg, we have Islam Tolba, an Olympic wrestler, the fighter that most organizations are dwelling over after his participation in GFC 4 and GFC grappling, he will be fighting for the belt against Housam Qashou in a one of a kind grudge match.

Coming down to the most exciting and significant fights that night, the face of MMA in Kuwait Mohamad Aldaei made famous after his spinning back fist Knockout win against Jarrah Al Fadli in GFC 4. Aldaei will fight Osama Abdelaziz (The Hulk) the African/Arab champion that participated in GFC 2 yet unsuccessful.

As for the final event, the Co-Main event will be between the heavyweight MMA giants. Abdelmenem Abdouli vs. Chase Gormley.

Abdouli a Tunisian that won the Tunisian championship in wrestling and the Moroccan championship in wrestling as well as grappling, a fighter between the weight range of 110 – 120 kg with surprising capabilities in his subjugation techniques. On the other hand we have Chase Gormley an American heavyweight who fought in the UFC back in 2009-2010, first X-UFC fighter to join GFC. He comes back to the cage after being out for 2 years.

The most anticipated fight of the night will features JJ Ambrose and Ahmed Ibrahim in a third and final face-off that will prove who is the best in this well awaited trilogy!

Both fighters had previously defeated each other, yet with each fight came a tale! This time, its all business in the cage. May the best man win!

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