Ghaleb Al Harahseh First Al Academiya Featherweight Title Holder

(Photo by: Akl Yazbeck/SportsCode)

Yaser Zaid had his chance to make history as the first Iraqi to earn a title in Desert Force, yet Ghaleb had different plans for this night. The two featherweight fighters took part of Desert Force Al Academiya Season 2, both of them being on the same team, Team Selwady, and both of them presenting quite a good level and style to qualify and reach the final of the academy’s second season.

Just as the bell rang, Ghaleb Al Harahshe stuck to his game plan and strove to make his set goals happen! Yasser unloaded a big right hand and found himself on the ground with AlHharahshe controlling most of the first round from side mount and attempting a submission from a triangle armbar.

As for the second round, not much difference was displayed as Zaid telegraphed another punch which led to a similar scenario as the first round of the game. This was followed by a takedown with the Iraqi on the receiving end, and resulted in a tight rear naked choke ending the fight by submission.

This featherweight Al Academiya title fight was part of Monday’s Desert Force 14 event at Arena, Jeddah and it was broadcasted live on MBC Action as the Main event that evening.

Ghaleb Alharahshe is now the first Desert Force Al Academiya featherweight title holder. Could he earn a direct title shot against the division’s current champ? Or will he have to face his close friend Abdelkareem Al Selwady for a title shot?

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