Ghareb Harahshe Makes It To Al Academiya 2 Finals!


Ghaleb Harahshe is now officially the second contestant to make it to the finals after Philippe Masoud.

After a couple of good performances from Massoud, especially the last one against a very good opponent in Mohammad Ali, it was very interesting to see how far the Muay Thai practitioner and Kickboxing champion had gone making it all the way to the finals.

Harahshe’s case is no differenent here in the featherweight division as he managed to submit the tough Hussein Salem by securing a triangle choke.

Half way through the first round , Harasheh takes down Salem and goes for an armbar, yet the stubborn Hussein survives with pain evident on his face. Harahshe transitions to a triangle, where he also faced a lot of resistance from the Iraqi beast who had to tap after giving it his all.

Who will be the next fighters to reach finals after Philipe Masoud from Lebanon and Ghaleb Harahshe from Jordan. Stay tuned for tonight’s episode!

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