Haddad’s Team Shogun Invade The States


Well let’s face it, there’s no team as active as Team shogun in the region. They are always ahead, innovating, exploring and expanding their resources; that’s why they are different. Recently, they have been traveling and searching for the best opportunities for their fighters and coaches. Their recent trip was under the full support of honorary Shogun 2 president, Mr. John Haddad, owner of Level 8 gym.

Recently posted videos and photos on Facebook and Instagram of Coach Ali Makhzoum, alongside Team shogun manager Louai kibalwi and Desert Force light heavyweight champion Mohammad Karaki training in the most reputable MMA and physical training gyms in California. Starting with Alliance MMA with coach Del Fiero all the way to the legendary functional patterns head quarters in San Diego with Naudi Aguilar. And lastly, a special visit to UFC Gym and Atos BJJ to wrap things up.

Mohammad Karaki, UFC Gym, Los Angeles, California

They had the chance to train and spar with top level fighters from UFC, getting the benefits out of such an experience; not to forget mentioning the personal connections one can make in such visits. It is also said that Kiblawi met up with some of the most influential scout talents and we might hear some interesting news about Mohammad Karaki in the short run.

Mohamad Karaki with Naudi Aguilar at Fuctional Patterns head quarters

So what’s next for Shogun gym? One thing is for sure, not only do they talk the talk but also fight the fight.

Talking about pushing forward, it is also worth noting that Mohammad Ghorabi will be facing Mounir Lazzez for the Desert Force welterweight title along side teammate Hani Chehimi at Desert Force 16.

Check out the full card here.

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