Haider Racheed: Neither Hamdi Nor El Rayyis Deserve a Title Shot


It was expected that the Al Academiya reality show would produce a possible Challenger for the current Desert Force Lightweight Champion Haider Rasheed. The show took over two months to complete and the finally was held last week in Amman, Jordan. Two fighters, Elie El Rayyis and Tareq Hamdi, met in the cage for the chance to be crowned the first Desert Force Al Academiya Lightweight winners. The fight didn’t turn out as everyone expected. Controversy ensued while the Champ watched from amongst the crowd, wondering who might face him next. Surely he was not impressed with what he saw.

To be honest when I went to watch Desert Force and especially this fight. I thought I was going to see a stand-up brawl between two tough strikers. I was suprised to see a **** boring grappling game featuring two fighters who have no ground skills whatsoever. El Rayyis had full mount multiple times but had no idea how to take advantage of it.

Tareq Hamdi had two points deducted. All Elie had to do was just walk around. He didn’t take the risk of keeping it standing which resulted in his submission. In my opinion, neither of them deserve to get a shot at the title.

Elie’s performance was not as bad as the Champ mentioned, but what happened for him to get caught in a basic armbar after dominating the whole fight? Did he lack the determination to win or did Hamdi’s unsportsmanlike conduct sway his determination and drive?

This will remain unknown! But one thing’s for sure, the Desert Force Lightweight challenger spot is still vacant. Maybe another win for Al Boussairy will earn him the spot, after all, he did reach the finals and does seem to want it bad.

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