Jiujitsu For The Body and Mind

This article is not about jiu-jitsu’s prowess as a fighting style, but rather how it can benefit your life in immeasurable ways. Jiujitsu is more than a sport, its a way of living that teaches you that in life there are no shortcuts , failure is inescapable.. live and learn from the Gentle Art!


Imagine yourself in the middle of an intense sparring session with your teammate that knows your game very well and knows all your “special moves”, game stalling a bit, difficulty sweeping him , difficulty passing his guard even finalizing the submission can be impossible to achieve, this ultimate goal no matter how hard it is makes any practitioner want to better their game and reach higher levels in techniques and strategy. The perseverance in reaching that goal is what makes the difference between a Jiu-Jitteiro and a good “Jiu-Jitteiro” , just like in real life we fall , we stand up , we fall again , we stand up , that will in always wanting to keep going is what drives all into making the best of us. This forges a strong and willing personality ready for any challenge that Jiu Jitsu or life may put in front of us.


Jiu-jitsu is the perfect gymnastic for the body that builds flexibility , strenght , cardio and endurance , in fact jiu jitsu will make you use each and every muscle in your body the perfect a move or a position, as months and year go by we start to unlock the real power of our bodies and thus gaining more confidence into knowing that we are able to perfect a move that we simply couldn’t before discovering what jiu jitsu is.”

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